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Just had to do this after seeing the movie Centurion

Cheers :)
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those seem to be more like military tribunes who outrank centurions, judging by their helmets.

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Almost like the Roman empire survived to the middle ages.
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Very badass, but this would remind me more of Spartans if it weren't for the eagle in the background.
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The eagle was a sign of favor from the gods.
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Splendide illustration. J'aime 
Just awesome man.
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This work is much better than the movie.
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I am a soldier of Rome, AND I SHALL NOT YIELD!!!!!!!!
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I read that in Michael Fassbenders voice :D
Love that movie!
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Awesome, this picture realy inspired me
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Love this. The atmosphere is really engaging and make you feel the mixture of warrior's pride and uncertain fear they must be feeling. Wonderfully done.
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We stand alone as one!!!!
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Fucking Amazing man exellent work
The Scutums would've been square, not round. But other than that this is pretty badass. And Centurion was an awesome movie.
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Awesome man, that wasn't the most popular movie but it was amazing when I finally sat down to watch it.

Great pic too, I love the ambient lighting effects
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holy shit this is stunning! :O I'm in love...
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I love this picture, I wish I could paint like that. :(

This makes an epic Desktop Background, Thx! :D
O_O Wow... That is awesome....
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Frickin' sweet! Love the background, love how the centurions are shadowed. Don't think most Romans combined the shinguard with mail, tho.

Still, ignore my historical nit-picking, this piece is cool!
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Picture is good, move was terrible
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