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Cargo District

hope you like it :)
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Very good work!
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have you been in hK?
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I spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur and I must say that Asian gaiety combined with urban gloom and decay is most aesthetically pleasing and possibly the way forward :D
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do you use a 3D package underneath your work?
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god, this is just inspiring~ :D :D
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i think it looks like google sketchup
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man this is amazing! I can imagine a full story about asian mafious just making bussines with stollen organs or something like this.
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all your recent environment works are super dope man. I'm guessing there's some matte-painting involved?
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what happened to the left side lol

i think the lines are a bit strong on the rails and windows that makes the image look
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Fantastic work as always :thumbsup: by the way what graphics tablet do you use for your work? (I plan to buy one soon and wanted to know what the pros like yourselve use/recommend)
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You have been featured here [link]
correct me if im wrong its an amazing picture. is there an image used to create some presence used like where the sheets are in the pic, ahah err dw its hard to explain
awesome work
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Riktigt tung.. Älskar idén
whats the background image it seems there is a picture amongst it
eWKn's avatar
what do you mean?
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Love the rusty texture on the wall! Great job!
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