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Velociraptor by haghani Velociraptor :iconhaghani:haghani 59 4 Mochlodon by tnilab-ekneb121 Mochlodon :icontnilab-ekneb121:tnilab-ekneb121 135 1 The Real Egg Robber? by HodariNundu The Real Egg Robber? :iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 228 65 Utahraptor in a Cretaceous landscape by haghani Utahraptor in a Cretaceous landscape :iconhaghani:haghani 118 5 Deinonychus antirrhopus by dustdevil Deinonychus antirrhopus :icondustdevil:dustdevil 72 9 Rajasaurus narmadensis by MicrocosmicEcology Rajasaurus narmadensis :iconmicrocosmicecology:MicrocosmicEcology 221 5 Dromaeosauridae part2 by Durusoraptor Dromaeosauridae part2 :icondurusoraptor:Durusoraptor 57 14 Stalking Utahraptor by FredtheDinosaurman Stalking Utahraptor :iconfredthedinosaurman:FredtheDinosaurman 1,019 66 Just chillin yknow  by wtimetravelgentlemen Just chillin yknow :iconwtimetravelgentlemen:wtimetravelgentlemen 45 6 battle for beardom by mister-meh battle for beardom :iconmister-meh:mister-meh 228 33 Evening Nuthatch by LeccathuFurvicael Evening Nuthatch :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 41 2 Buitreraptor gonzalezorum by LeccathuFurvicael Buitreraptor gonzalezorum :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 33 1 Jump, Bambi, Jump! by LeccathuFurvicael Jump, Bambi, Jump! :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 195 4 My own InGen with blackjack and hookers by ChrisMasna My own InGen with blackjack and hookers :iconchrismasna:ChrisMasna 337 70 Bambiraptor feinbergi by DanneArt Bambiraptor feinbergi :icondanneart:DanneArt 104 11 Dinovember - Heterodontosaurus speedpaint by Viergacht Dinovember - Heterodontosaurus speedpaint :iconviergacht:Viergacht 301 26 Untitled by Thek560 Untitled :iconthek560:Thek560 133 15 Hesperornis Breach by DrawingDinosaurs Hesperornis Breach :icondrawingdinosaurs:DrawingDinosaurs 83 3 Redwall-Lady Rose Eyes by killskerry Redwall-Lady Rose Eyes :iconkillskerry:killskerry 947 250 Circles of Life by Eurwentala Circles of Life :iconeurwentala:Eurwentala 177 12 Somber Dawn by amorousdino Somber Dawn :iconamorousdino:amorousdino 323 13 Halszkaraptor Dive (UPDATED) by TroodonVet Halszkaraptor Dive (UPDATED) :icontroodonvet:TroodonVet 94 6 LinksTheSun - Mangame Show Montpellier by UmbreoNoctie LinksTheSun - Mangame Show Montpellier :iconumbreonoctie:UmbreoNoctie 9 9 Male Gigantoraptor by UmbreoNoctie Male Gigantoraptor :iconumbreonoctie:UmbreoNoctie 89 14


ToxicKittyCat Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I utterly love your favourites... Mind if I steal some? 
EWilloughby Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Haha, go right ahead. ;)
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