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Zanabazar junior, a large troodontid dinosaur from late Cretaceous Mongolia. It's known from its skull with well-preserved braincase, from which an endocranial cast has been made, allowing us greater understanding of the structure of troodontid brians. This illustration was published in a recent Nature news publication, seen here.

Gouache on artboard, digital processing in CS4
Thanks, as always, to Agahnim for critiques and suggestions.
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I swear it always looks like digital art when you use gouache, but no, it's always so impressive! What is your method?
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Lol its high duck not dinosaur
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But a duck is a dinosaur!
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He looks very optimistic. He even laughs!
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Would you be willing to do a sketch of a frontal view of a member of Dromaeosauridae? I'm trying to model an Achillobator and I'm having trouble figuring out how their frontal view would look, and getting the binocular vision to look right. Virtually all references I can find are from the side view. If you could point me to an existing one that would be even better. Thank you.
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T-PEKC has a wonderful illustration of Utahraptor frontal views that you might find helpful: Utahraptor concept art
Thank you so much. I love your art.
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Your dromaeosaurs are exquisite. The feathers, the colors, astounding work.
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It's not a Dromaesaur, it's a Zanabazar, which is a Troodontidae.
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Beautiful, Emily :)
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Cutest Zanny of all.
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Gorgeous painting, as always!
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This is a beautiful illustration; and congrats for your publication!
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Congrats on the publication and all my Heart for this piece Boogie! 
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This is a great piece of work,and it goes without saying that this reconstruction has the same extreme precision and accuracy as all of your other reconstructions do.
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It looks so great! :D
Also just noticed the red skin around the eyes! Gives it a nice touch! I didn't notice it on Facebook... ^^;
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