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May 13, 2015
EWilloughby brings a dinosaur from Late Jurassic alive in this outstanding gouache painting Yi qi.
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Yi qi


2-day gouache painting of Yi qi, the bizarre new membrane-winged scansoriopterygid. I wanted to see what the membrane would look like attaching further down on the body than in nearly every depiction I've seen so far, which show it attaching on the flank or at the armpit. I can't get behind a leg-attachment point for this critter; it makes more sense to me that a long-legged animal would want its legs free and flexible. If a sprawling mobile hip-joint can be established for scansors, I'd potentially change my stance on that. Anyway, here's a semi-new interpretation amidst a flood of recent restorations.

I'm definitely not convinced of powered flight for this critter, so here it is in an extended leap onto a log in pursuit of a Tiaojishan archisargid fly, Calosargus.

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I-am-His-artist's avatar
Never heard of this dino. Pretty much a pocket-sized dragon! Nice job!
rlkitterman's avatar
Fantastic painting -- it's such a fascinating animal!
SacredSpirit123's avatar
So would you more see Yi Qi as a glider, like today's flying squirrels / sugar gliders / colugo?
Lost-Shadow-Creature's avatar
Amazing and weird!  I am so excited by how many new discovers/theories are being made about prehistoric life.
AquaDoesArt's avatar
what will happen if I touch it?
Evodolka's avatar
awesome :la:
i saw this on  video by "trey the explainer" i thought it was super amaing
love the angle of the body, love the shape of Yi Qi's head i love all of it :D
AltairSky's avatar
Did you see the last news about this dinosaur?…
Looks like there was no membrane at all and the styliform element was just the radius/ulna. So no batsaurus, sadly.
Stop goon around posting this BS.

- the membrane has been found through cellular-level analysis

- the styliform cannot be an ulnar or radius because we already have those bones.
AltairSky's avatar
are you retard or what? You've been insulting me for a whole year, this is the 20th message you sent me about the subject! Can't you read your own replies? Or are you too stupid to read?
Even if you were right, you're acting like a cunt. Thanks you're blocked now, enough is enough. 
TheroGoji's avatar
Like he said, Pterosaur Heresies is not a reliable source for information.
He's a paleo wackjob that supposedly sees what no one else can see in fossils.
Pterosaur Heresies is NOT a reliable source of info.
Atlantis536's avatar
This is actually my basic for my own illustration of Yi!
AltairSky's avatar
Sadly the batsaurus never existed: in fact, the "styliform element" was just a misplaced radius/ulna. If you want to read more check this out:…
EWilloughby's avatar
I wouldn't change my view of the animal based on a blog post. If research along these lines gets peer-reviewed and published in a real journal, then it would be worth considering--but not if it's just Dave Peters measuring stuff on his computer screen with a ruler.
Not to mention the styliform really was one and not an ulnar, because we have both ulnars from Yi
paleosir's avatar
This is such awesomeness.
Yi qi always was an amazing creature, but your painting made it even better
TheARBL's avatar
This is the best Yi qi picture I've ever seen!
Soulslayer317's avatar
that looks amazing, the tails look like a nice touch
ThaRandomAnchiornis1's avatar
Dinosaurs like Yi Qi and Mononykus need to become the norm for Dinosaurs in Pop culture

if You don't love Yi Qi then You obviously HATE Dinosaurs

Yi Qi more then deserves the place of celebrity status

Yi Qi is love, Yi Qi is life
Mrgreen36's avatar
You might wanna reconsider agreeing with this guy. He's a bit of an arse as evidence by comments such as this:……
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