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Velociraptor Pair


Fourth of the series of feathered dinosaur illustrations I'm working on for ~Agahnim's book on evolution. The previous three can be found here, here, and here.

This is the famous Velociraptor mongoliensis in its native late Cretaceous Gobi Desert. Velociraptor was a small dromaeosaur, or raptor dinosaur, and contrary to its most famous depictions was almost certainly feathered from head to tail. This is no longer based merely on phylogenic evidence, either - as of 2007, reanalysis of the fossil has shown that its posterior forearm contains quite obvious quill knobs.

As is typical for these illustrations, a lot of work went into this and I take a lot of pride in it now that it's finished. Again I appreciate the help and critiques of ~Agahnim as well as several of the Gondolendians.

Oil paint on canvas.
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What's with the demonic face ?
EWilloughby's avatar
Because it's arse. See the updated version here:…
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Have you seen a Magic The Gathering card by the name Skitter of Lizards? I always think of this when I see it, and vice versa.
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Haven't heard of it, but I looked it up and there is an interesting resemblance!
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Wow! This really is a great piece! wonderful! =)
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I love the velociraptor :) And your painting is absolutely wonderful!
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I still think it looks cooler without the feathers. :P

But awesome depiction nonetheless.
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Ummmmmm.....hmmmmm...... Nice pic and excellent colors. I have to disagree on several aspects of the anatomy, integument, and perspectives, but that would be just my opinion. However, I AM missing a sense of motion. The closest Velly to us needs some ground to step on and some ROOM to move. In uddah woids, him be too close to the edge of the painting....
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There are a lot of things about this painting that I'm not too thrilled with, and I may redo it sometime in the future. I liked the background though. I agree that the anatomy and perspective could use some work, but what's wrong with the integument?
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Nothing! As I said, just my opinion, but I think the feathers would look a lot less ruffled. That background is beautiful! And, since we believe these are vain...vein????---VEINED???? pennate? feathers, I think they would look a lot less soft. But!!!! I don't really KNOW that, so's is my opinion!!! The jaw line looks kinda weird for either a bird or reptile. I don't know of any kind of these animals to have mammalian cheeks hiding the jaw closing muscles. BUT! I do not know that...
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Love the landscape here! and those two raptors blends nicely in
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This is a beautiful portrait of the two velociraptors. They were such incredible dinosaurs -- it's cool to me that the small dinosaurs used to travel in packs and tackle their prey as one whole.
I like the illustration overall (especially the realistic color scheme). There are just 2 things I'd change about it.

1stly, in terms of skull shape, the closer Velociraptor looks more like Deinonychus ([link]).

2ndly, said Velociraptor's nostril looks just plain wrong (See the above link).
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Ohmygosh that's awesome. *^* Amazing oil painting skills, great job. C: I love Velociraptors.
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Ah, the famous Velociraptor...but in the not so famous depcition.
Yeah for feathers instead of those outdated scales that appear everywhere!
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Even that I found Velociraptors aren't like in "one famous movie" I still love them :aww:. I'm curios why we didn't know from the first time that they were feathered...:confused:
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Feather details=awesome.
Velociraptor was my favorite, when I went through my dinosaur phase. Thanks to Jurassic Park, mostly. They weren't fluffy, though.
OMG this is beautiful. The details, the background, everything :D

17/10 stars!
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Heh, fluffiness in the Gobi desert. Nicely (and lovely) done and good work :thumb:

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this super pretty
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It really does look like it's come straight out of a history book or nature journal. Great job!
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