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The Silky Serikornis
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Say hello to "Silky" the Serikornis, the newest member of the paravian menagerie! Published online today in The Science of Nature, I illustrated this guy for Andrea Cau, Ulysse Lefevre & their coauthors in 2015. So, I have an unusually long cycle of review, revision, and resubmission to thank for helping in my struggles to stay relevant in the paleoart community now that I'm in grad school! =p

Despite being over two years old, this remains one of my favorites of my semi-recent pieces. The new dinosaur is related to other fuzzy little paravians like Eosinopteryx and Aurornis, and sports a voluminous covering of shaggy filaments that may've given the creature a life appearance somewhat like a silky chicken--hence the nickname. Incidentally, I first learned about the new find at SVP in 2014 in Berlin, and sketched out a brief rendition of it during the talk. Some of you might remember it!

So anyway, enjoy our sweet little Silky and his delicious meal of an orb-weaver ancestor--which is based on a specimen of Mongolarachne from Jurassic China--amidst a delicious spread of chanterelle ancestors. It almost invites the comparison to a roast hen with mushrooms. Almost.

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TamanduaGirl's avatar
TamanduaGirl|Hobbyist Photographer
This looks so real
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Kakarotho's avatar
Looks really nice, great work!
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Spinolover2017's avatar
tahts a weird birb
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asari13's avatar
asari13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ThePrimevalArtist's avatar
ThePrimevalArtist|Hobbyist General Artist
Did they contact you or the other way around?
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Trendorman's avatar
Trendorman|Student Traditional Artist
you really know you've done it right when you feel like if you actually saw this in the forest it wound not shake you up that much, like this is just a normal animal, Not a monster with porcupine needles. 
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Braindroppings1's avatar
Braindroppings1|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work!
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DinoswarsRAwesome's avatar
DinoswarsRAwesome|Student Traditional Artist
Wow! The level of detail here is outstanding! You've really outdone yourself!
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dinosapien's avatar
Holy shit Willoughby, I'm impressed.  This is incredible.  The amount of DETAIL on the vegetation makes me jealous!  I don't know how the hell you did it but it is executed very well tell me your secretssss.

Totally making this a wallpaper on my computer if you don't mind :D
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LWPaleoArt's avatar
LWPaleoArt|Professional Digital Artist
This is a simply stunning silky Serikornis. The thing I love the most about this piece is the in and out of focus look you've managed to capture perfectly. This is something I want to eventually try in my own paleoart. The paravian itself is just stunning and beautifully detailed as always. I worried I'd never see paleoart from you again considering how busy you are in grad school, but I'm happy to see I was proven wrong!
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tihsepodemos's avatar
tihsepodemos|Hobbyist General Artist
The amount of detail in your art is just astounding and beautiful!
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Mr-Placo's avatar
Beautiful and adorable.  ^w^
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Volgadraco's avatar
Volgadraco|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! What an awesome picture!
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MesozoicWild's avatar
MesozoicWild|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is absolutely beautiful and realistic!
I am a big fan of your work=p (Razz):) 
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MommaCabbit's avatar
MommaCabbit| Traditional Artist
I wanna pet the small friend
the samll friend would probably not want to be petted though : (
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pilsator's avatar
pilsatorEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work! Still remember hanging around with you at SVP 2014 during Lefèvre's presentation when we saw the first photos of the holotype. Your first sketch was awesome, and it's great to see your final painting in the paper ('s supp.). Cheers!
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DanneArt's avatar
DanneArt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 <3 <3
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bh1324's avatar
It's so beautifull. Really one of the best pieces of paleoart I've ever seen.
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ov3's avatar
ov3|Hobbyist Photographer
:clap: :clap: :clap: 
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AntoninJury's avatar
Beautiful image and very delicate background!!
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Soroneir's avatar
Soroneir|Hobbyist General Artist
Very beautiful!
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DinoBirdMan's avatar
Well, another feathered dinosaur's here. :) That's beautiful.
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Turtledragon2001's avatar
Turtledragon2001|Hobbyist General Artist
You are so talented!
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