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This is the seventh of my illustrations for mine and *Agahnim's evolution book, Sinosauropteryx prima. If you're unfamiliar with our book, feel free to check out the previous six illustrations: Jinfengopteryx, Microraptor, Archaeopteryx, Velociraptor, Sinornithosaurus, and Epidexipteryx.

Sinosauropteryx, from the early Cretaceous of China's Liaoning, is famous as being the first dinosaur found with fossilized feather impressions, and one of the most primitive. Its feathers were very simple, and would have been little more than furry down. It was thought that this animal's body covering may have been collagen fiber remains instead of feathers, but more recent analysis of its long tail - which shows an alternation of light and dark bands - shows that it was more likely to be primitive down.

As usual, lots of appreciation to *Agahnim and the Gondolendians for their help and advice with this.

Medium: Prismacolor pencil over watercolor on illustration board.
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The stripes are actually suposed to be white.