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This is the fifth in my series of feathered dinosaur illustrations for mine and ~Agahnim's upcoming book on evolution, Sinornithosaurus millenii. If you haven't seen them already, please take a look at the previous four: Jinfengopteryx, Microraptor, Archaeopteryx, and Velociraptor.

This animal was a feathered dromaeosaurid from the early Cretaceous of China. It is very similar to Velociraptor, though of around half its size, and is known from two fossils, both of which preserve a full covering of feather impressions.

It is perhaps most famous to the general public through the NGMC-91 specimen, a juvenile dubbed "Dave", which is exquisitely preserved. However, in recent years it has been determined that "Dave" is probably more likely to represent an animal more similar phylogenetically to Microraptor.

Thanks again to ~Agahnim and the Gondolendians for their anatomy critiques and discussion.

Oil on canvas.
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It's beautiful.