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I've been working on this thing for ages and it's finally finished. It's the second of a series of feathered dinosaur drawings for ~Agahnim's evolution booklet to refute the claims of the Kentucky creation museum. Here's the first in the series, Jinfengopteryx elegans.

Microraptor gui was a small dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the early Cretaceous of Liaoning, China. It is unique in that several of its described fossil specimens are preserved with a very distinct covering of feathers, including long flight feathers on its feet and hind legs. It probably used the combined effect of these four wings to glide or "parachute" short distances.

Microraptor's similarity to modern birds is rather striking in terms of morphology, which is why it's included in ~Agahnim's booklet section on feathered dinosaurs.

I have several people to thank for help with this picture, including the fine folks at Gondolend for their masterful anatomy critiques, especially *shartman but also ~dracontes, ~MattMart, Quilong for skeletal reference, and as always, ~Agahnim for his compositional and shading-related help. Much :heart:.

This was done in conté crayons, which are pastel-like chalks.
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amzzing. can't believe you drew that! :D