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Drawing of Jinfengopteryx elegans, a troodontid from the Qiaotou Formation of China. For the uninformed, it's a very small (55 cm long) feathered theropod related to Troodon. This animal's taxonomy is slightly uncertain - originally described as an archaeopterygid, it's now thought to belong to Troodontidae based on features like the enlarged second toe and specifics of the teeth.

This was done entirely in Prismacolor pencils. Lots of love to ~Agahnim for his masterful help and advice on the shading.

This was drawn for ~Agahnim's booklet-in-the-works on evolution to be explained to creationists, specifically intended for the section on how birds can be shown as descendants of dinosaurs.

I am rather proud of this.
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I wonder if had the powers of gravity control 
and could create things with its mind?