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The sixth of my illustrations for mine and ~Agahnim's evolution book, Epidexipteryx hui. If you're unfamiliar with our book, feel free to check out the previous five illustrations: Jinfengopteryx, Microraptor, Archaeopteryx, Velociraptor, and Sinornithosaurus.

Epidexipteryx is a fairly recent discovery from the mid or upper Jurassic-age Daohugou Beds of Inner Mongolia, China, and is a maniraptoran of the same family as Epidendrosaurus, on which the speculative third digit is based.

What makes Epidexipteryx unique is its tail, which sported several long, flat feathers anchored to a skeletal structure similar in nature to the modern pygostyle of birds. The tail feathers appear very primitive and completely lack barbs, and instead are like long, flat sheets of keratin supported by a central rachis.

Thanks again to ~Agahnim and the Gondolendians for their anatomy critiques and discussion.

Conté crayon on drawing paper.

Only two more to go. :)
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me encantaaaaaa
PeteriDish's avatar
I love the somewhat vicious look on his face, showing the personality of little predator. =o)
Once again, incredible job!
EWilloughby's avatar
Thanks very much. :) I do always try to give my dinosaurs some personality and expressiveness, but sometimes I worry that it comes across as too cartoony or fantasy-like.
PeteriDish's avatar
Not cartoonish at all! You should see our cat! I clearly recognize that look! So well captured!
Pyroraptor280's avatar
excellent pic the tail could use work but still an amazing pic.
Daizua123's avatar
I love this little guy. He looks more like a peacock than a dinosaur.
vinczeerno's avatar
Really nice! It reminds me a saurian version of the aye-aye! Maybe they indeed lived in a similar niche...
babbletrish's avatar
The whole series is excellent! Love the face on this little guy.
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i did this dino too!!!!!
Swampqueen's avatar
I love this entire series! I hadn't heard of this dinosaur before, its tail is very interesting.
Schatten-Drache's avatar
I saw the ginko first after some time, great details :D
bensen-daniel's avatar
I like the color scheme here. I think you need to look again, though, at the shadow on the tree trunk. That's a very heavy shadow, with no other shadows around it. Shouldn't there be some dappling from leaves?
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Fantastic illustration of a very intersing creature, Ferahgo. Epidexipteryx looks like a bird-monkey. This is one of the findings that makes paleontology so intriguing for me. Is this creature descended from primitive birds that have lost the abillity to fly and became totally aborial? Or were primitive birds descended from creatures like this? It's one of those mysteries I hope we find the answer to.

Is there any evidence for for large feathers being on the arms like that? If not, I think they're over used. I really think they should be ommitted in cases when the animal would in reallity have little use for such structures.
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I think I saw this thing in a preview for a show called Bizarre Dinosaurs. Its so adorable!
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
The occasional grub is good for your health ;)
EWilloughby's avatar
Slimy, yet... satisfying! ;)
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
Fry them up with a pat of butter and you can get a good meal out of em.
zaidaalida's avatar
Is it a picture book?
EWilloughby's avatar
No, it's actually a collection of essays that relate to creationist misconceptions of evolution or how evolution and Christianity are compatible. This series of illustrations is meant to accompany the centerpiece of the book, which is a rather in-depth essay on feathered dinosaur evolution written by Jon.
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I love its googly eyes and the teeth. I'd keep it as a pet.

Unless it mauled the cat.
EWilloughby's avatar
This thing is one of the most bizarre dinosaurs I've ever drawn. Its teeth and jaw structure are so freaky looking. I took the illustration as a challenge to not make it as ugly as its skeleton suggestions, but I think I failed in that endeavor. :|
Senav's avatar
I dunno. Sometimes you'll find an animal that's so goddam ugly that it is somehow cute. Speaking from experience, hairless rats usually get that reaction.
RaptorArts's avatar
Adorable! :) I Love all your illustrations! Beautifully done!
Tojo-The-Thief's avatar
This is beautiful :)
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