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Deinonychus - birdlike

I wanted to try a super-birdlike design for a Deinonychus. I don't think I'll keep this design for her, but I do think it's pretty cute.

She looks like a roadrunner.
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That is too birdlike. Number one: They didn't have wings, Number two: Looks more like a bird than a dinosaur. Can we even call them dinosaurs anymore? The definition of Dinosaur is Horrible Lizard. Number three, cannot think of number three. Oh of course! Deinonychuses have arms.
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Please don't write insults.
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get rekt
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Sorry, looks like we're on grammerly central here!
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Nice to see you're as ignorant as ever.
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Actually, it seems you're being naive.
The word "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard" because dinosaurs were tought to be closer to reptiles for a long period of time. "Terrible bird" would be something like "dinoornithus". Quite strange for people that always said "dinosaur".

Bird wings are just feathered arms scientiaphile.files.wordpress.…
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I hate to break it to you but wings are arms
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Are you gonna wine like that on every proper Deinoynchus? Because that is what Deinoynchus looks like. Oh, and wings are merely modified arms.
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I saw a screenshot of this post being passed around and laughed at and I had to hunt down this picture just to tell you that you look like a complete fool and you should probably do a little more research before you spout stuff like this next time.
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Zhenyuanlong, Sinornithosaurus, and microraptor CLEARLY show wings.
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Actually, the definition of a dinosaur and the meaning of the word are two entirely different things. The meaning of the word dinosaur is "terrible lizard", but dinosaurs themselves are not actually lizards. We can see this in their limb posture (lizards have sprawled limbs, whereas dinosaurs do not) and the very probable fact that dinosaurs were warm-blooded. Dinosaurs in general share more traits with birds than with other reptiles.

(Even though technically in light of all of this, because birds are dinosaurs, birds are reptiles. YAY FOR LABELING THINGS.)

Not only that, but yes, we can make an educated guess that Deinonychus itself had feathers and wings. Closely related animals such as Sinornithosaurus, Zhenyuanlong, and the ever-popular Velociraptor all have strong evidence to support the fact that they were feathered. Based on that, we can safely say Deinonychus was, too.

Interestingly enough, it may not even be only dromaeosaurs! This recently discovered basal neornithischian, Kulindadromeus, was highly likely to have had proto-feathers. It's not all that closely related to birds, so this discovery means that all dinosaurs probably stemmed from an ancestor with similar proto-feathers.
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You have no idea what the fuck a Deinonychus is, do you?
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All birds are dinosaurs, but not all dinosaurs are birds. In fact a new fossil of a dinosaur called Kulindadromeus, suggests maybe ALL dinosaurs had feathers. It's been suggested as although Kulindadromeus has feathers, it's not that closely related to birds and is in fact more closely related to let's say duck-billed dinosaurs or even Triceratops. Plus most maniraptors, including all true dromaeosaurs, have full blown wings. When scientists dug up the first bones of dinosaurs they misinterpreted them as slow lumbering reptilians hence the name meaning "terrible lizard", but had they not been so reckless and actually paid attention they would have realized the birdlike nature of dinosaurs. In fact I'd say the name "dinoavian" is much more fitting.
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Easily my favourite feathered design for this animal.
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Is morea realistic but less fierce :(
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Say that again if one of these things pounced on your back and began ripping you limb from limb.
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I think the correct word was intimidating* XD
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No clear S curve and feathers extending to the maxilla look right to me!
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the color is somehow familiar with some other pics in the internet..

but nice and very cute!!! :)
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What other pictures?
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:wtf: oh I´m so sorry! I must be mistaken!!

WTF is going on with me..

did you draw this pic with pencils?
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Mostly pencils with some ink, yep. :)
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