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Dakotaraptor's Ornithomimus Dinner



And here is my second illustration for DePalma et al's new giant Hell Creek dromaeosaur, Dakotaraptor, and the one I personally prefer. :)

Early on in the process I suggested the team include a bit in the manuscript about the possible use of Fowler's "raptor prey restraint" hunting strategy in this taxon, as this would be the first giant raptor discovered since that study. And isn't it fun to imagine what kind of prey a dromaeosaur this large could RPR? Additionally, I'd always wanted to draw a dromaeosaur ripping the feathers out of its prey before digging in, as a falcon would do to a pigeon. How fortuitous that the new Ornithomimus paper came out so recentlyso rather than the Dakotaraptor vs. T. rex meme that's started up since yesterday, have a bit of Halloween-appropriate nightmare fuel as Dakotaraptor enjoys his dinner. (Can you find the Ornithomimus's baby?)

Thanks to Agahnim and others for critiques/suggestions on this. Anyone who wants to is welcomed to repost this in blogs or articles on the new genus, but please credit me. A signature on the image itself is not enough. I shouldn't have to restate this, but apparently I do—respect artists.   

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Raptor Prey Restraint