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Anchiornis - new version

Here is the long-awaited final illustration for ~Agahnim's anti-creationism project, Anchiornis huxleyi. This dinosaur was not originally part of the lineup of feathered dinosaurs that I needed to illustrate, but the new specimen described in December of 2009 made it clear that it needed to be included, since it was a beautiful example of a feathered troodontid older than Archaeopteryx.

I ran into an unfortunate predicament with this painting that I hadn't yet experienced in my artistic career. Right when I had completed it, a new study was released that described in fantastic detail the coloration that this animal's feathers would have had in life. I was extremely discouraged by this news, but since this painting is going to be published and needed to be as accurate and reputable as possible, I painstakingly repainted the animal to reflect the findings of the new study.

Here is the old version of the painting.

I am now finally finished with all of the illustrations for this book, and I must say it's a huge relief. I just hope that it hits the shelves before yet another important discovery is made. =P

Lots of thanks to ~Agahnim and the Gondolendians for their help with anatomy and shading.

If you're interested in the rest of the feathered dinosaur illustrations I've done for ~Agahnim's book, you can see them here:

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What's the Anchiornis chasing? Just wondering.
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Very cool depiction!
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Someone who actually gives these little guys their wings!

Everyone else seems to draw them with scrawny arms.
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hermoso animal asesino
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This is my new phone background. It's beautiful, accurate, and centres nicely on the screen ^ ^
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tom and jerry....the anticipation scene. :D
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you have nice artwork! :)
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Oh my goodness, your shading and attention to detail are impeccable! I wish I could shade with colors like that.

The fact that it depicts a chase makes me think that the composition could have been more dynamic, but that's just a nitpicky thing. =P It's suitable for depicting the dinosaur's feathers, anatomy, and stuff.
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Thank you very much, I appreciate that. :) Thanks for the watch-back, too! I would totally buy one of those Anchiornis necklaces if you made them in bulk, haha.
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You're welcome! And thanks for the offer. xD Well I don't get many buyers of anything, so maybe I could spare some time to make one...
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It's proved that I had those colors? Because I find it so in all illustrations.
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Yes, it is proven that Anchiornis had the colors depicted above, using detection methods for fossilized melanosomes. [link]
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MYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOODDDD! I the first time I see that! Thank you a lot! Finally the real colors of a dinosaur, I hope in a future we can know how looked a Therizinosaurus or a Deinonychus ^^.
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Uh, the link to the Caudipteryx pic doesn't work... other than that, good stuff!
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Thank for letting me know! The link should work now.
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Its too bad you had to redo the coloring, but how cool is it that they actually know that stuff now?!
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Very cool indeed! :)
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Hey, I love this picture and its accuracy and I *am* a creationist. There is no reason why God should be restricted to making dinosaurs as stupid, scaly ,lumpy things.... the feathers just show His creativity in my opinion.... aren’t melanosomes very useful? So long to the days where paleontologists sadly said “we will never be able to know the true color of dinosaurs” and “They were old dumb lizards…” Hello to the days of “Wow! They are fluffy and fast and smart and colorful!” Again, I like this picture… and don’t particularly want to start a flame war on creatioin VS evolution, so please….
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This is very good. Although you have a different style we seem to share a love for traditionally rendered dinosaurs and fine detail.

Excellent work.
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Thanks very much, and for the watch also. You have a beautiful painting style yourself!
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Oh, too a love for anti-creationism. More power to you. How so many still believe in make-believe is a mystery to me
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A gorgeous piece of art! ;)
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I just love your work. You honestly inspire me to no end and I hope I can eventually paint/draw these lovely prehistoric creatures as well as you
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