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Here's my rendition of the new Hell Creek velociraptorine dromaeosaur. It's known only from the maxilla and dentary, so I decided to only draw the business end of the animal (that, and I didn't really have the time for a full reconstruction). It's depicted staring at a hispine beetle, of which there is abundance evidence (Johnson et al 2000) from Hell Creek ichnofossils.

The animal has been known from teeth for many years, and was only recently finally given a name, Acheroraptor temertyorum, after the underworld Acheron of Greek mythology (Hell Creek reference and so on). Phylogenetic analysis recovers it as a velociraptorine, the most basal member of the group containing Velociraptor, Adasaurus and Tsaagan.

Photoshop CS4, ~2-3 hours
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You have successfully made my favourite raptor paleo art ever. This is amazingly well designed . Colouration is beautiful and accurate, the detail in the feathers are amazingly well done. I can almost count each feather. 100 out of 5
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The non-lipped version looks ridiculous
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Incredible do you take trades?
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how is it different from Dromaesaurus
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it is a dromeasaur i think
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This is truly and amazing piece of art! 
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So well done, I want to reach out and pet this fluffy cutie! 
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i have seen this picture a LOT of times well done on the famous paleoart :D
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Lovely picture, I've actually seen this before! It's actually a picture on Wikipedia.
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Exactly, she's a pro at the arts.
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Such arts...
Much Emily
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Doge must live on :D (Big Grin) 
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Everywhere he will XD
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You wouldn't BELIEVE how famous this already is!!!
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Absolutely amazinngg! There's so much detail, it's incredible!
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Reconstructions of prehistoric creatures often look clumsy unrefined prototypes of their modern successors, but this one is a complete, beautiful animal in its own right. So real, so ready to run off the screen!
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