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1a by EWilloughby

Just over a year ago, myself and Agahnim reached a major milestone in our long-term goal of evolution education and outreach, which served the basis for starting our DA group Domain-of-Darwin over 11 years ago. We published our first book! Published by Inkwater Press and titled God’s Word or Human Reason?, the book has been available on Amazon since January of last year.

I am now offering direct purchases of signed, inscribed hardcovers that are personalized with a drawing of a bird or dinosaur of your choice. They are $40 (U.S. and Canada) or $50 (everywhere else), shipping included. Thanks to my excellent web developer friend, you can do this easily through this form on my website, with PayPal or a credit card:

Buy my book with a personalized signing and dinosaur drawing!

3 by EWilloughby

We wrote the book with the original intention of educating creationists and fence-sitters with nuance, reason and kindness, but we guarantee that just about anyone who accepts evolution has something to learn from it too. For those of you who don’t already know about the book, here’s the Amazon description and inside flap teaser:
God gave humans the ability to reason, but the Bible commands that we have faith in Him. According to Answers in Genesis, the largest and most influential creationist organization in the United States, the conclusions of human reason must be rejected if they contradict our understanding of the Bible. What are the implications of this worldview, and is it the best one for a Christian to live by?

The book is the result of almost a decade of effort by its unusual collection of authors, each of whom has written a chapter (or two) in their area of expertise or interest.
  • Jonathan Kane, the originator of the book’s concept and purpose, has written the opening chapter on the nature and purpose of science as well as the centerpiece chapter on bird and dinosaur evolution;
  • Emily Willoughby has written the chapter on radiometric dating and contributed the book’s centerpiece illustrations of feathered dinosaurs (all of which were produced specially for the book and which include 3 exclusive paintings not posted on any of my online galleries); 
  • T. Michael Keesey has written a chapter extensively detailing the emergence of the human primate from our diverse panoply of primate ancestors;
  • Glenn Morton, a professional geologist, has written a chapter on the pitfalls of “Flood geology” and what the fossil record tells us;
  • and James Comer, who has written the concluding chapter on how it’s possible to intrepret the Bible in a way that’s consistent with an acceptance of evolutionary theory.
One of the most unique things about our book is that all five of its authors were once creationists. We each eventually came to reject creationist ideology at different points in our lives, and from different catalysts, as we became exposed to the science of evolution, paleontology, and geology. Today, the five of us are represented by two atheists, one deist, and two evolution-accepting Christians, and each of us has written a short narrative following our chapters on the unique experiences and circumstances that led to our rejection of creationism and, in some cases, of Christianity.

We're delighted that the book has been well-received so far, and has recently been reviewed by the excellent Darren Naish of Tetrapod Zoology, and mentioned by evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. If you were ever a creationist or know someone who is, are interested in learning about creationist arguments and their strongest rebuttals in much more detail than any other book on the market, or would simply like the opportunity to support us and our creative endeavors (and get a commissioned sketch from me!), now's your chance to snag an exclusive copy.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting me and my artwork over the years!


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"I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build!" - Howard Roark

"Hands are levers of influence on the world that make intelligence worth having." - Steven Pinker

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NippleNinja2 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018
Your art is amazing! I just really love how you make dinosaurs look animal and bird like because, well, they're birds. I really would love to see your take on spinosaurus since I didn't see anywhere that you have drawn one. Amazing art, sending luck and good vibes to you!
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Just came across your account from Trey the Explainer over on youtube, and had to say your art is absolutely stunning! I love seeing dinosaurs depicted looking as though they actually lived in our world, not just as big scaly movie monsters. It makes them feel real, and your art is so gorgeous in how it does that. Keep up the amazing work :D
1MADdIE1 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Words can not even explain your art. You don’t discribe dinosaurs and flesh eating monsters that are constantly seeking blood, but just as animals, doing natural and normal things. That’s what I love about it. Keep doing what you are doing.
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are you planning to illustrate Caihong juji?
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