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Oops, I'm sorry. I haven't checked my DA messages in ages and the requests have expired! If you request them again, I'll approve them right away.

thanks! wish all the peple inactive here would be the same 🥰

Ive deleted my comments, they took up to much real estate around here.

Where can I follow you for eventually other bird of prey art ?

it would be such a shame for not joining us! ArsRapax | DeviantArt 😢

Is it possible to follow your work on another website? I will be leaving this site soon and I really don't want to miss out on your stuff. 

Doubt you're still looking, but Willoughby has a website for her art: https://emilywilloughby.com/art

EDIT: realized you probably mean you want to get notified when she posts

Hey I finally found you from FA! I gave up all hope of ever finding you since you didn't leave a link to your up to date accounts <3 But I was watching a paleo video on Utahraptors by E.D.G.E and saw your art featured, and when they credited you I was like :0 I FOUND HER! Totally watching, keep doing what you do, because I love your art <3