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Irelia Redesign

This sketch was made for a cosplayer Sofia Ajram (Orobas Cosplay). It's inspired by my previous Irelia art but I wanted to come up with a new, cosplay-oriented design.
Sofia made an incredible and detailed outfit based on it. You can see it here:
She had it at PAX and even took a photo with Morello! :D
Working with her was very pleasant :)
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I know you created this for Orobas but would it be ok if I also cosplayed this redesign? 
this the best irelia armor but sort look like a redesign of infiltrator irelia skin lol but it so cool
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Very well done! It came to life... and it's gorgeous!
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she looks great
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Really great, I love the armor designs!
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I'd love to see this implemented in the game~
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Bardzo fajna poza i ilość detali :D

Oby tak dalej ;)
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That's just sexualization of her regular clothes, since they removed some of the fabric. That's all.
ItaSakuSasu-SasuSaku's avatar
Great design and character!
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metal bra and heels, what a great redesign...
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Awesome! I love it! excelent job :D 
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If there is one character that desperately needs a re-design in lol its Irelia. Riot needs to go back to some simpler designs like this they just read so much better when viewed from an RTS perspective. great work dude.
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Beautiful & simple design
Real Dragon Over Truro In England
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Am I the only one who sees Alfheim Online? lol. Looks like wings.
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...So you see wings and the only thing that comes to mind is Alfeim Online?
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They look like the wings in SAO thats why I thought of ALO.
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