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Hi!!! I came back after two long years!!!!
I don't know how often I will update from now on, so I only can say I wish you enjoy my gallery and leave your comments, please!!
And thank you so much for these people who choose my art and add it to their favourites!
Have a nice day!

Hi! I should submit my lastest pictures, but I have to scan them and post and, and... I'm so lazy xD
The actually cause I write here today is to say the next wednesday 29th june, I'll be in England!! :w00t: For a month I'll be living in Dudley, studying English, and I don't know anyone because I'll go with an English family (It's something like an interchange of students) I look forward to arriving there!!
For that reason I changed my neighbours configuration (temporaly) .......
I still have to pack up, so I'll return later.Bye for now!!!