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mnml for win7

By evthan
mnml for win7 vs by me
one theme & orb & exploreframe.dll (rtm&sp1)
font:Segoe UI
many thanks to original author Cykii:[link]
inspired by nadoxic
11.22 update:add taskbar running effect and some details
01.21 update:new ScrollBar,Window_Buttons,TaskBar details
08.09.11 uptade final version
© 2010 - 2021 evthan
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应该是英文系统默认的Segoe UI
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Cool! you are just awesome dude
BTW How am i supposed to Embolden the Finder button at the toolbar?
I have added texts but I am unable to make it Bold please help
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i use true launch bar
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how to install this theme?I need some instructions. - Greetings.
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how did you make the finderbar pretty like that? Thanks in advance for answer :)
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Amazing! Where can I get this wallpaper?
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it is originally by :iconevilbright: here on dA!

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Awesome VS! I have only one question... what software do you use for the "finder" and the other mac-like menus in the taskbar?
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true launch bar
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Thanks, but could you explain how this software is used? Is there any plugin for the mac style or what?
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mate how can i get the smal bar on the bottom of the explorer.exe ? the horicontal scroll bar...
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and what's this tab on the left?
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