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LiteBlue Casar7

By evthan
a new style of Casar for win7(LiteBlue Casar7)
mod from [link] many thanks to Aaron-A-Arts!
orb is here(by Fatezoom):[link]
font is Segoe UI 9 ,more details can't be shown on preview,so you can download and find more.hope you like!
© 2010 - 2021 evthan
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is this cool like i see it?
how do i install this after i have unzipped it
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谢谢 刚毕业 工作忙啊
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mate, can you refresh it? ;)
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Evthan, should be great if you redone this VS, with fake adressbar, other contextmenu background, other progressbar!! ;)
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i'm too lazy,i'm doing a black mac theme now!
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1. but i say problems
2. my link is not broken
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and again hello..
i see more than a bug.. i hope you can help me:
here link:
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sorry,the link seems broken.
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i have a question!
i have a trouble..
i can't see running programms..
pls make it.. but the rest is fantastic!!
pls answer..
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how to use this dude? do tell me how..
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thanks... great job
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How did you get the taskbar shadow?
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awesome :o

cant use both original and your mod :( :( :(

also the is a "," at the end of the link in description

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looks like this is a mod of many themes,not just caesar
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your theme is so cool,bro!
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