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Thank you to :icondarlingchristie: Love by DarlingChristie and :iconscribemaster:
Thank you to:
:iconalexacedeath: Ruby  Rose MK 2 by ALEXACEDEATH:iconsilverboom::thumb373228082::iconrina-tenshi: Mint Chocolate Adoptable [CLOSED] 400 points by Rina-tenshi:iconsuezn: Light Nurtures by suezn:icondaizua123: Ogel Droids by Daizua123:iconskdennard: A dollop of Daisy by skdennard:icon2kaze: Point Commission - xmagicgirlx by 2kaze:iconsnazzie-designz: Dragon Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz:iconnestorpriest: Warrior by NestorPriest :iconsamvn: Shout, SHOUT, let it all out! by SamVN:icondeoiron: Two Lost soles..... by DeoIron:iconclockwisedream: Red in between the greens by ClockwiseDream:iconthe-nightmare-doctor: Stop, Let Me Reference You by The-Nightmare-Doctor
and also to

:iconartvelocity: <-- Founder of :iconevrything-4-evryone:
:iconjellieviefish: <-- Co-founder of :iconevrything-4-evryone:
Arami by Jellieviefish

Here's how to get your art out to the networks!
~You must be in the group :iconevrything-4-evryone:. If you are not, or you leave, you will not get features, points, llamas, or anything.
~You must have legit artwork in your gallery
If you ask ANY of the donors for points, or anything, you will Be blocked from the page and kicked from E4E
Here's how to get a feature WITHOUT POINTS ^_^
~Write a brand new journal about our group :iconevrything-4-evryone: Include a link to the homepage :heart:
With points
1-20 :points: ~Feature
20-100 :points: ~Mega feature
101- up~ Forever feature on our page!!
note: you will not get an extra feature if you donate points and write a journal x3
Thank you to all who help support :iconevrything-4-evryone:!!
Please watch, fav, comment the following deviants!!
CONSTRUCTIVELY COMMENT on artwork on the following users to get POINTS!
Please include a link on the deviation you commented on.
Unacceptable comment: (you will not get anything)
"Nice",  "Cool" , "You suck",  "Good work"
Acceptable comments:
"I will make it concluded. To start off, I found myself cannot bring my eyes away from her embroideries, I can see you did a hard work working on it. and i also think that you need more praising on her detail of her clothes. Keep up the good work with your creativity~!The flaw I will say is anatomy. Since her hands and her legs will not be that small in size when it comes to real life.(not even in anime style) I suggest that you refer on anatomy tutorial/references in da, and i think your works will improvise in no time ^^"

Do you have suggestions to improve our group/ point account? note me ^_^
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May 29, 2013


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