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My jaw literally dropped when I uncovered these beautiful diamonds in the rough.

And yours will too.

Once you see these amazing artists, you'll never be able to look at dA the same way again.

So, up for AOTW this week artvelocity has chosen:

#1 :iconglassowl: GlassOwl

With art that will take your breath away, a unique style and a commanding control of the color pallette, GO is simply a shoe-in for first place. After looking at their art, I only have one thing to say.
I want MORE.

Rangiku Matsumoto by YETI000 Fang by YETI000 Sakura by YETI000

#2 (tied)  :iconadam-nowak: Adam-Nowak and :iconrglaze: RGlaze

Boy, this was close. But both :iconadam-nowak: and RGlaze tied for 2nd place.
I'll just let you all pick through this pile of unformatted, deliciously delectable art.

See if you can tell me what art belongs to who in the comments, and YOU could win a special prize!

August by Adam-Nowak The Chimney Sweeper by Adam-Nowak

Mature Content

Gaia Incarnate by RGlaze
Skull and Circle by Adam-Nowak

Mature Content

Heaven's Hell by RGlaze
Lights by Adam-Nowak   Self Reflection by Adam-Nowak  

Mature Content

Mechanized Copies by RGlaze
Pixels Per Person by Adam-Nowak Brianna by Adam-Nowak
Fly Me To The Moon by RGlaze   Class by RGlaze  
August by Adam-Nowak   *** by SetFun

Honorable mention goes to SetFun

If you disagree with my choices or ranking, too bad.
You may nominate an artist, but it is highly unlikely I will select them- I like coming across artists on my own. If you want, you can always ask me to try and find different types of art like sculpture though.

This has been "Artist of the Week" with artvelocity
Tune in every week and I'll introduce you to some of the best artists on dA and stuff.
Or not. But whatever you do, remember that we'll always be here to help you get noticed.

Signing off for today, artvelocity out.
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ohwelltowel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really wanna join some contests of yours soon cuz i've only entered in one contest my whole life here on dA. When's the next contest?
heySnapDragon Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
nice feature!
cardfue Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nice selection!
Badusev Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Good choice!
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September 4, 2013


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