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Check out the following artist WDNest. Creating digital art works and writings for others to enjoy.  

Check out her recent photo manipulations and poetry / writings below.

Recent Photo Manipulations

She Changed by wdnest       My Childhood by wdnest       Lovers' Revenge by wdnest

The Prayer by Alice by wdnest       Fall by wdnest     Painting of The Change by wdnest

Book Chapters

A horror based book with surrealism. Virginia Andrews meets Alice in Wonderland inspired series.  Check it out!!

He Made Me SmileHe was like a large teddy bear, all wrapped up in Christmas paper for you. Just when you thought no one cared in the world there he appeared bounding happy and caring, a gentleman to you.
And he sat there and said such wonderful things  - how smart you were and  "hey look at this" and you could almost guess what his family makeup was. He had a brother for sure, but no sisters. You could tell by his confidence and his smile that it was internally happy. Just everything about him was happiness and deep caring. And you deeply cared back.
You could get lost in his ways how he worried about you and cared for you and wanted to be there for you in your dire moments.
And you sat there and whispered to him things that you should not really say, softly into his ear, because hey you had both come from the same background anyway.
20 years of the same stuff it seemed, and jointly between you was a smile and a deep caring that only you two would know.
And you knew instantly,  ev
  The Professors Study Chapter Excerpt - Book ThreeThe Professors Study Chapter
Excerpt from Book Three
How long would it take you to have sex with another person on knowing them?
There was so many issues with how we met. I was just about to leave, when the doors to the building closed three times, due to some form of technical error. I sat there with my empty coffee, staring at the mundane tv, which was going on about something, the show too young for my mature mind.
I had already complained to the management twice about all the buildings errors, doors not opening, lifts not working, the seats just needing repair. I had gotten an answer once, saying they had “fixed” the issue by some means. It still continued on and on, to the point where others in the building complained. Further talk with building management, though happened, seemed futile, while they upgraded the signs on the outside, making it prettier, not pointing out that there was faults inside. Things move in roundabouts there, and I had seen other buildings go d


NaturalThe rainbow dripped colours of happiness     LucyLucy
I watched her die
For two years
Knowing -- knowing
That it was cancer
I was told
Two years ago
She has watched me
Grow and learn
Been there
Happy to see me
Rarely complaining
A smile on her face
And happiness
We tried surgery
Finally in the end
We tried no more
And let her die
In my arms.
She has been my companion
For 12 years
Just been there
She was my loving dog, who cared for me.
Lucy RIP 8/1/2013

Mature Content

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April 24, 2013