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First I'd like to say welcome to any new members! We haven't had the time to welcome each and every one of you, but we are all trying our hardest! So welcome! ^_^

Admin feature time! Because we need our exposure too D:<
You better watch and fav and comment on us all, or we'll go on strike!:lol:

Soo our founder! :iconartvelocity: He has the awesomeness comics and drawings ever ^^

:iconmalinpihl: Beautiful traditional drawings and jam packed with emotions and meaning
Putting on My Face by MalinPihl Chloe Grace Moretz - in Carrie 2013 by MalinPihl

Mature Content

Blue Seduction by MalinPihl

:iconhoursuponhours: One of our most loyal admins, she's so compassionate and fun! Watch her or I'll steal your cookies D:<
Time for Spring! by HoursUponHours Contest: Aria by HoursUponHours AT: Torikii by HoursUponHours

:iconjellieviefish: Yeah me :P
Arami by Jellieviefish Kiyomi Rei *gift* by Jellieviefish Mizu by Jellieviefish

:iconkittianna: Epic deviant who improves a mile a minute!! :squee:
Spring time!! by Kittianna Time for pie! by Kittianna Naptime with lord ruffigan the turtle by Kittianna

Other admins:

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Please watch, fav, comment the following deviants!!
LITTLE CHANGE: CONSTRUCTIVELY COMMENT on artwork on the following users to enter a giveaway for points!
Please include a link on the deviation you commented on. Every approved comment will be one entry
Unacceptable comment:
"Nice",  "Cool" , "You suck",  "Good work"
Acceptable comments:
"I will make it concluded. To start off, I found myself cannot bring my eyes away from her embroideries, I can see you did a hard work working on it. and i also think that you need more praising on her detail of her clothes. Keep up the good work with your creativity~!The flaw I will say is anatomy. Since her hands and her legs will not be that small in size when it comes to real life.(not even in anime style) I suggest that you refer on anatomy tutorial/references in da, and i think your works will improvise in no time ^^"


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Submitted on
May 26, 2013