:bulletblack: NOTICE: By commissioning me, you hereby agree to all the terms and conditions listed below, and cannot hold me accountable for any misunderstandings or disagreements of my terms. If you have any questions at all or do not understand something fully, I'm more than happy to answer anytime! I apologize it's long winded but I have a lot of stuff to cover from past experiences.

:bookdiva:  Rules:

:bulletyellow:  Payment:

:bulletred: I can only accept PayPal payments at this time!

:bulletred:  I require full payment upfront for all of my commissions. I do not touch the money until your commission is done and delivered to you to your approval!

:bulletred: I will not start on any commission until full payment is received safely.

:bulletyellow: Commission Process:

:bulletred: I will send you stages of your commission! Sketch, Line, and Color. This is so I can work with you to make sure your commission is going properly and accurately to your liking. :) (Smile)

:bulletred: Take Note: Once the line art stage is done, large changes will be difficult to make. Please address ALL changes during the sketch stage to make this easier on both of us!

:bulletred: If for some reason you cannot be satisfied no matter how many changes I make, I can only refund half of your payment back to you.Half of it goes to the amount of time and work I spent, so people cannot just abuse this and get a free partial commission out of it.

:bulletred: You are free to ask me about the status of your commission anytime!

:bulletyellow: Content:

:bulletred: Please have a good look through my art and see what kind of work I do BEFORE you commission me! Know what you're getting before you put money towards it.

:bulletred: Bear in mind anything that is a huge project, or anything that has excessive details (character design, background or otherwise) will not only come with an extra charge, but will take longer to complete

I Do:

I Draw everything, with the appropriate references .. whatever you want ... it is up to you to decide...


:bulletblue: Kemonomimi/ Furrie/ Anthro.

:bulletblue: Couples: OC+OC, OC+Cannon.

:bulletblue: Human, Humanoid.


:bulletgreen: Price table:

Here's Some Samples:

Commission - Kif Duncan by M4gnusOmega Commission: Oc Zephyrine Amorette by M4gnusOmega Commission: Oc Mizuki and Yusuke by M4gnusOmega Commission: Oc Misae and Dynamis - Beyblade by M4gnusOmega Commission: Oc Heloisa And Armin - AOT by M4gnusOmega Strange friendship by M4gnusOmega
Hey guys I have a 350 watcher raffle open do chk it out if u have time!

Hello, I'm opening for commissions now!Send me a note or comment below if you're interested.

+OCs, OCxOC, OCxFC ,fanarts ,nekomimi,humanoid,furry(only chibis),NSFW.
+Realistic style,mecha,old people,furry,cp ShinRan(my NOTP).
Rize by Miuseorin [COMMISSION] Tetsu 2 by Miuseorin Himiko Toga by Miuseorin Okita Soji by Miuseorin [COMMISSION] Tetsu by Miuseorin Muffet by Miuseorin Emilia mew mew by Miuseorin [+speedpaint video] Frisk and Chara by Miuseorin [+speedpaint video] Miku chibi by Miuseorin [Redraw] Hetalia girls 2017 by Miuseorin

-Headshot $12
-Chibi $15
-Semichibi $25
-Bust-up $15 | +$3 for background | NSFW +$5
-Halfbody $20 | +$5 for background | NSFW +$5
-Thighs up $25 | +$5 for background | NSFW +$7
-Fullbody $35  | +$7 for background | NSFW +$7
+5 If you want to make it private.
Character Sheets: Fullbody standing(front and back) $55
+ $3 for per sketch headshot | +$10 for per fullcolor headshot
+$15 for per fullcolor halfbody
+$20 for per thighs up
-Character design $50 (Fullbody)
-Dakimakura $45 (2500 x 8000 px) | NSFW +$7

You can see more information here :thumb694864570:
Thank you so much for reading!!

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