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March 30, 2009
The suggester says, "Home Sweet Home by =TheTorK just knocked my off my feet".
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Suggested by damien-c
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Home Sweet Home

Hmm, This one is my first DD! This is so awesome :ahoy: Huge thanks to the lovely *damien-c for suggesting it, and of course major gratitude towards ^RockstarVanity for featuring it . :wave: Thanks to you for supporting my work and thanks so much to everyone who's added this to their faves and collections!I'm appreciate that very much :blackrose:

About Technic

This is 3 photos of HDR taken with Cokin ND 0,8 Filter. After I get home I've added some mood on it by using CS2. Birds are also added too.

This place is in Istanbul / Turkiye

- i give my full permission for all clubs in my journal entry to display and submit my work


Copyright © I.Evran Ozturk (nick the "TheTork"). All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced without my permission.

As some people requested I've updated a printable version of it.
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I must say that as soon as I saw this I actually gasped. I am very impressed with your usage of light and dark. The building and It's surroundings are very defined and the addition of the birds adds a sinister touch to the over all atmosphere.

This Photograph Is very Impressive. I want to actually stand in front of the building but I have this feeling that the building Itself does not appreciate visitors. You can look all you want but to come any closer would not be wise.

I truly love this picture and I thank you for sharing.
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Wow, unless there's also some photomanipulation going on here, you have a really serendipitous shot here.

Great composition over all-- lots of movement, and my eye never gets stuck. The birds at the top really make that possible.

I only have one gripe (unusual for me) and that might just be my monitor-- the bottom of the photo is a little too dark. The detail of the brick gets lost and the eye wants to get mired down there in the black. Usually this computer's monitor is actually lighter than others, so I'm inclined to believe it will look the same for other people.

Overall, though-- fantastic shot.
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Her critique is fair but I disagree about the bottom of the photo. I had no trouble focusing on the "whole". It's beautifully done and the shadows add to the pictures overall ambiance. It makes you take a closer look at what might be missed upon first viewing.
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THanks it was helpfull. As you said the bottom of the photo is a little too dark because of HDR processing. I should have made it lighter with less detail loose.
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So much atmosphere...I just love it! Great use of lighting!
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Very nice photo. I like this dark tone of your pic, and the perspective too, it feels like someone would've come to the house
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Your welcome :)
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Simply amazing, i love the Dark and Macabre.
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Thank you I love them too.
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Thats a really cool scene, It's mysterious and the birds really add some effect.
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this looks so cool! and for some reason, it reminds me of badman's (sorry, i forgot his real name ^^;) mansion
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This is... amazing. It inspires me.
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I love it. It makes me wanna walk to that house right now and just stand there - look at it. I love that kind of houses.
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Thank you very much indeed. I wouldn't get too close that house if I were you. :D
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Hmmm I don't know....maybe it's nice :D:D
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Thanks ;)
Happy new year to you
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