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Pagani Zonda R Police Car

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Lying in wait, a Pagani Zonda R Police cruiser lies in wait for any driver foolish enough to speed on the coastal highway it patrols.

* Artist Comments *

I was inspired by the recent E3 trailer for the new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. I saw a Bugatti Veyron police cruiser in that, which is fine and dandy, but i did not really like the Bugatti.

So please, Criterion, please make a Pagani Zonda R Police car in the game. Pretty please?

Done in Macromedia Flash.

The Pagani Zonda R is trademarked by Pagani.

Background is taken from

Textures taken from

Hope you enjoy the picture!

* More police cars *

Lamborghini Aventador Cruiser - [link]
GTbyCitroen Concept Cruiser - [link]
Ford Crown Victoria Cruiser - [link]
Pagani Huayra Cruiser - [link]
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Not a police car, but I found something that looks similar in real life. :love:

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Too bad it ain't street legal. XD
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NFS Hot Pursuit has a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento as a police car (available in the Lamborghini Untamed DLC for consoles only), and even that isn't street legal. =P

Soviet-American-God's avatar

Well that's neat... and unfortunate. = P

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Well, that is why we can dream! :)
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Wow... That is one beautiful police car! :nod:
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Good we need deviantart police
is that a draw or a pic but anyway i love it
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Its a drawing actually! Thanks! :)
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Looks like the one from Saints Row 4.
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I just watched the trailers for the new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game and I heard "Edge of the Earth" by 30 Seconds to Mars play and now I feel special, because I play that song during pursuits on Most Wanted.
CyanideN64's avatar
What if this ends up being in the next NFS game?
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Haha, well, it probably won't since the Zonda R is an old car now. They are now all looking at the Huayra.
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Job Well Done! Great Looking Automobile.
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Your Police Pic is Freakin Nice. Nice Job!
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that is super dangerus that car is not even streey legal
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