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Jolly Apache Longbow

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" Mojo 1, you are cleared for takeoff. Patrol zone is Vector 2-7-0 at ten miles, you have orders to engage on sight. "

* Artist Comments *

Drawing Anthro and Anime girls are fun, but i really love to draw machines as well, and aircraft are one of my loves.

I rarely do helicopters as they are extremely hard to do, their rotors and engine parts are killer-hard. But the AH-64D Apache looks extremely at home with the VF-103 Jolly Rogers livery.

Done in Macromedia Flash and best viewed in full view or download. Hope you enjoy the picture!

Wallpaper taken with permission from

Texture for Carrier deck taken and used with permission from
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Very cool! Well done!
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Proof that everything looks good in Jolly Roger colours. :D
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This is very cool! Great job overall and really has the feel like that Apache is about to speed off for combat.

One small critique would to have been maybe to use more of a haze grey or a bit lighter to match what the Navy usually coats their aircraft in, but still digging all the little details!
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Thanks a lot! I probably used too much saturation and the color came out too light, haha, i will keep that in mind! :)
If I recall correctly, this squadron has been re-designated VFA-103 and is presently operating the F/A-18F Super Hornet.
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i have 2 apache models laying around and i didn't know what color sceme to paint them.... you just made up my mind
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"Roger last, Mojo Actual. Mojo One is oscar mike. Out."
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Very awesome. I work on apaches and love the paintjob and all the details.
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Thanks a lot! It must be cool, yet dirty, to work on Apaches, since i have a few friends in the Army who work on Leo 2s who say the same.
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Apache is always awesome!And you made it even more awesome!:icondummylaplz:
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love it
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Thanks a lot!
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dude! this is fantastic, the details are awesome. Usually i don't like real stuff in a vector, but in this the sea blends perfectly with your work

Also, great job creating motion for the rotors! :horns:
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Thanks for the comment! I am glad this impressed you so much!
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This Apache looks good in USN colors and it would fit in as part of the USN aircraft fleet on Carriers. But like always politics always gets in the way, an the Apache will never get to see the day in the USN and USMC.
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Well, i think that is what Art is for, fulfilling fantasies! Most of the planes i draw most probably won't feature the VF-103 livery in real life, but i think they all look very cool in it!
Naval Badass Army Forces
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