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Changling Queen Shenanigans



Luna > What are thou doing with thy chest!

Q C > You are indeed the Lunar princess, with these two "moons" of yours!

Luna > Where are thou going with those euphemisms!?

Q C > Oh, i just want to have fun, and these will do just fine... ...

* Artist comments *

Continuation >

Took a while, but it is finally done! As thanks for the previous support on both the Queen Chrysalis and Princess Luna picture, here we have the two of them at the beach! Seems like Queen chrysalis has something planned up her lack of a sleeve...

Done in Adobe Flash. Best viewed in full view or download or as your wallpaper!

Princess Luna and Queen Chrysalis (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust a.k.a :iconfyre-flye:

Humanization and art (c) :iconevov1:

Woona beachball based on Woona Chubby by :iconpekou:

Previous picture of Luna and QC >
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well i haave to say: the shapes are good, you have a good perception of the female body, but luna´s breasts are too big and the right is bigger , i like the crhysalis concept you made but the skin color is the same as luna and her right shoulder needs more proportion.
i get a little confused with the background, it took me some time to know the differences beteween luna's hair and the bed, the same thing with her wings; also one more thing about luna's wings: the right one looks"broken" next time you draw wings, you can usa a picture of an angel or a bird, so you can draw more natural wings.
congratulation for you work and keep going, remember thta nopony born with expert drawing skills