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Sekhmet the Eye of Horus

NEW CONCEPT ARTWORK! This time one of the new upcoming villains in our new story arc "War of Mortal Gods". Sekhmet the Eye of Horus will be making her presence felt, and heaven help the world when that happens.

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Thought you had vanished since the third book came out.
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Nope, currently writing two books I am trying to finish before the end of this year, getting to do a lot of convention and promotional work for this summer, but I still love doing my art. Going to find time to finish some pieces and get some stuff up. Really need to get a bigger staff. LOL
Books related to Evo?
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One is. The next Eye of Ra book titled "War of Mortal Gods". The second is my first fantasy novel. We're talking elves, orcs, and dragons! :-)
So Ra continues Sophia's story?

Fantasy is news to me, how come I didn't see it on Amazon?