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I know that I’m about ten years late, but I’ve recently come across Tom Fischbach’s TwoKinds and I got to say that that gentleman has done something awesome with that comic. It was a nice treat to flip through and witness how his writing and art has improved over time.

A few pages into the comic I had the urge to draw Flora just because she’s so darn adorable.

Flora and TwoKinds belongs to Tom Fischbach

You can check out TwoKinds at [link]

And check out the creators DA account [link]
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Comic is still running, so I would't say you're too late =p

Awesome picture.
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A rather good depiction of Flora.  She is one of my favorites.  But, I like tigers so much that, in a story I'm writing, I put tiger stripes on a red fox vixen.  Like you, I recently learned of TwoKinds and immediately fell in love with it.
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#noeyebrows    it really doesnt matter, just wanted to mention, just cuz :P
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hes really made a great comic and the artwork that you've made is pretty good :la:
8 years too late
personally i prefer the start of the comic, i don't know what it is, it just feels a lot more natural than what it is now imo
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He was a teen when he started the comic and now he's an adult and in his 20's, so over the years it changed...
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2kinds the best comic I've ever read (first comic I read but was 9 years late) and so far still improving cool ^w^
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I was 11 years too late
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awww soooo cute and adorable. :meow:
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The fur on her thighs looks like shiny skin. Needs more fluff.
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Otherwise it looks pretty good.
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This is what i call ART!!!
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Damn...this is amazing!
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^when will the adrn update come xD
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Tom must have been gawking at the super moon. Updates coming soon!
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awesome, wait what super moon?
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The fullmoon that was closer to the earth last night.
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aw, man i didnt got that one here, only thunder clouds and lightning. nice time the play Bad Moon Rising from CCR ^^
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nice work, especially with the hair, Flora is awesome and so is the comic :D
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the day i'm a fraction of this good...
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Deserve.. more.. faves O.o
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