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The Phoenix

Here is the Phoenix!!! :D I hope you'll like it!

Kiriban for the 123.456 th pageview for :iconooneithoo: , it's her character, Su, who is summoning the mythical bird of fire! yes I know, from the back we don't really see her, but... I wanted to emphasize the phoenix, as I love big fantasy creatures ^^

Photoshop CS5 + Wacom bamboo tablet.
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Hi!  this is an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork  Real Education is a Personal Development organisation and we conduct residential retreats in Australia for men and woman, and the "message" of our work is about letting go of the ego, fear, beliefs and story, and rising from the ashes.  We are looking to change the artwork we have on our manual front covers and on our facebook/instragram posts.  We just love your piece and would love to use this art for the front cover of our manual.  We would absolutely give credit for your work accordingly.  Would you be willing to give us copyright permission to use this art?  We would also be looking for a piece that would be similar representing men.  Kind Regards, Joanne for Real Education 
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Hi, I'm glad you like my artwork :) however sorry, I cannot let you use it, as I want to keep it as exclusive as possible for an artbook project I now have with other friend artists. Thank you for your understanding! 
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Hey, I was trying to draw a cover page for my new wattpad book and it ended very bad, so I was wondering if I could use this as a cover page instead of mine... please?
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Hi! what is a wattpad book?
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Wattpad is an app to write books, and you can insert the cover page, so I was writing a story about Phoenix (I don't know the plural in english) and I found this image, and I thought it was pretty cool and opportune
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Hmm I'm afraid I can't accept, as it is already part of an artbook and I want to keep it as exclusive as possible... But I'm glad you like it!
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Oh... I don't like it but I understand your reasons... anyway, you have really good art, take care
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  I am designing the low brass section sweatshirts this year fr my marching band and I was wondering if I could use your art for them? The show name is "Metamorphosis" and I am in love with this image. my email is, please contact me! thank you!
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Could you give me permission to use your worl as background for fixed poetry ? Thank you Gigi
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Can you send me a note on deviantart (private message) with more details? thanks ^^
one of my if not my favorite depiction of a phoenix
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Can I use this art as a forum avatar?  Proper attribution will be credited.
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I have had this image saved to my computer for the last few years, and never once did it occur to me to look for it here.

One of my favourites, by far. :aww:
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Haaa thank you ^^
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You're very welcome. It's a beautiful piece. ^^
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I need a book cover that is gonna be for my new professional book coming out. I need a teenage boy in the middle of the cover flying in mid air with his back stretched out like he has been exorcized and I want a phoenix aura around him. I want his whole entire body to have the aura of the fire phoniex so his whole entire body will be made of fire like the torch but with Jean Grey phoenix around him (Search marvel comic books to find out who they are if you don't know). For the background I want it to be a darkened city that has neon green little lights in the background like green energy blast. Besides that r background should take the time of at night and in the middle of a huge mansion/school
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Very beautful!
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WoW! Extraordinary! I get goose bumps with so much talent and creativity.
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That's very kind of you :D
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