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Kiriban - The Wolf and the Fox

Kiriban for :iconrubisfirenos: for the 77,777th pageview! sorry for the delay!

She wanted coffee in it, so... there is coffee! :XD: it's her animal characters :)

Painter Tool Sai is wonderful to paint fur and hair! *_*

It you like wolves/canines, here are my Cerberus (Baby and adult :XD: )
Baby Cerberus by Evolvana Cerberus by Evolvana

and my Okami:
Okami - updated version by Evolvana
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Awwwwww this is so cute^^
Love your drawings so far
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Warm my heart at night
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This is SOOOO beautiful!
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Whoaa, nice picture!
Will you be to Polymanga (in Montreux, Switzerland) this year?
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YES! :D if you too, don't hesitate to come to see us in the artist area! our stand is "Nemesis"! :D
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This is the one you were talking about when you replied to my comment about the arctic fox kit.  As I said there, I can see the, to me, obvious differences between the gray wolf and the red fox.  But, the wolf and the fox are two of my top 5 favorite animals so, naturally, I've learned everything I can about them.

BTW, I assume you know that okami is the Japanese word for wolf, right?
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It also means God, but it's not wirtten and not pronounced the same way. Okami = god, Ookami = wolf
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Hmm.  I looked it up and, oops, I was wrong.  Ookami is the Japanese word for wolf.  However, I thought that their word for god was Kami.  But, I could be wrong.  It's been a long time since I was in Japan and I didn't learn too much Japanese while I was there.
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"O" is honorific, so "kami" means "god" but "o-kami" means something like "venerable god". I think they played with the words on purpose, because it's a wolf and a god at the same time :)
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Okay.  I know that, depending on which way you write the word, okami also means woman.  Anyway, I never thought about it until you mentioned the possible play on the word, but, yes, it could be a wolf god, or god in wolf form.  I know the Japanese do love a good pun.  One of my favorite anime series is "Urusei Yatsura" and there is a character in there named Sakurambo.  I read that if it's spelled with one character it means Cherry, and that's what everyone in the show calls him.  If it's written with another character, it means deranged monk, and Sakurambo is a deranged monk.  Hilarious.
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Very Cute Piece
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A friend if mine bought this print for me for Christmas; that's how much I love this piece!  I wanted to compliment you on your work; this is one of my absolute favorites!
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Aww thanks so much!! :hug:
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You are quite welcome!

You have captured a moment that is rarely had, and in such a cute way.  It is wonderful!
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The cuteness and awesomeness of this piece is simply overflowing! I absolutely love it, especially their facial expressions! You've captured the moment very well! <3
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C'est quand le prochain kiriban?
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