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Jaime and Brienne - The Bear of Harrenhal

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© 2012 - 2020 Evolvana
From a Storm of Swords. (spoiler warning, volume 3 of Song of Ice and Fire).


"I dreamed of you."

This is another fanart of "A Song of Ice and Fire" / Game of Thrones / Le Trône de fer (VF)

Done with Photoshop CS5 + Painter Tool SAI

Jaime and Brienne in Harrenhal, against the (giant) bear!! I hope we'll see that scene in season 2, but I think it will be for season 3. It's one of my favorite scenes from "A Storm of swords". The moment where we know that Jaime is really one of the best characters of the serie :)

And that duo is awesome.

I tried not to spoil too much!

Edit: I know the bear is not supposed to be that big, but I like drawing big animals :XD: and the bone Jaime has in his hand is supposed to be another type of bone he's throwing at the bear's face, but I prefered drawing it this way, looking more like a bone used like a sword.

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Attack of the 50 foot bear!
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Evolvana Digital Artist
Yes this is a giant one =p
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Beautiful <3
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I saw this on G.R.R Martin's Not a blog page...it's amazing!
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Evolvana Digital Artist
thanks :)
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Very nice art :) (Smile) 
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Evolvana Digital Artist
I'm happy you like it :)
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SkyBreeze26Professional Interface Designer
Dam such a great scene
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he bear should just step on him no need to get crazy XD
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From there to here
From here to there
All black and brown
And covered in hair

He smelled that girl
In summer air
The bear, the bear
And maiden fair
irunforfun1021's avatar
Gotta wonder who really is the bear and who's the maiden fair
Jakegothicsnake's avatar
Yeah, it's a toss up, what with both of them being fair-haired and having experience in combat.
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..and then I tried to listen to it on youtube and found out that it was about oral sex XD
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Wait what!!!
This comment is so late omg
Jakegothicsnake's avatar
Really? I thought it was more about zoophilia/bestiality.....XD
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Haha apparently the "hair" mentioned here is not the hair on top of her head..
Jakegothicsnake's avatar
O_O..........Whoa........Wonder how she got honey all up in "that" hair????
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The bear and the background don't really seem to blend with one another. Lighting might be the issue. Everything being dark and gloomy while the bear and Jaime are brightly lit. Not a huge deal. Still better than I can do. But that's just my critique.
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Evolvana Digital Artist
Thanks for your critique ^^ the light actually comes from the right side, where it's lighter (not from above, where it's darker) :)
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Yeah, I see you're right. Looking back, maybe I didn't word it right. Again, not an artist, just a critiquer who's seen some art. Instead of light, I just think what struck me as different was the two art styles for the individuals and the background. You used Photoshop so that makes more sense why I felt that the two elements were clashing for me. I guess the two art styles/designs were just a little confusing to me.

Not a bad thing! Just saying that right now. Art works in multiple. I just noticed it now that you mentioned the lighting so I appreciate that, as well.

Just curious, since I have your attention: what about a darker tint of shadow over the bear and the two people? Would it fit better the situation and the dark background atmosphere of the scene? Or am I just blowing hot air?
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Evolvana Digital Artist
Maybe it's because I painted the sky with PainterTool SAI, and the bear and characters with Photoshop, so the brushes are different ^^
I'm not researching a specific realistic lightning in what I do, I always want to add a little "fantasy touch". The dark sky above and the light behind the bear are there for highlighting the contrast :)
I guess there would be many ways to paint that differently or to improve it, but well, there it is :XD: 
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I see! Thanks for writing me back! Really cool of you to do so and true, like anything, there are probably thousands of ways to go about making an art piece. I might just have to try something someday myself, just to feel the effort it takes to make something even a hundredth the level your piece shows.

Again, much appreciated on your words! Take care!
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awesome! Ever since his arc in A Storm of Swords / season 3 I've always thought he's one of the best characters of all time XD Master storytelling on GRRM's part!
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