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Horizon Zero Dawn: NeedleSnout

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An original robot design based on the machines of Horizon Zero Dawn! Frame is mostly based off of artiodactyl mammals with a little mosquito inspiration for the head and proboscis.

Its purpose is to scavenge machine fluid such as blaze and chillwater from fallen machines such as bellowbacks and deliver them to the closest cauldron facility for recycling. Their claw-like tail is used for manipulating the chassis of dead machines for easier fluid removal. Equipped with the same anti-gravity tech found on behemoths, but not as strong.

Please tell me what you think! I'm just starting to put my ideas to paper! This is part of a short series on the robotic creatures of Horizon Zero Dawn and subsequent sequels. I also plan to do some paleoart, speculative evolution pieces, drawings of modern creatures, as well as a few other things.
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ngl this is pretty nice