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Horizon Zero Dawn Machine Design: Spearwalker

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This deadly combat machine was designed to be adaptable to any terrain or environment, from craggy mountains and cliffs to rainforests, this machine can modify its gait to mimic those of several animal species, giving it a wide range of locomotion options.

With six legs, (seven counting the tail), it can assume an erect, quadrupedal, cat-like stance for running, a sprawling spider-like stance, utilizing all of its legs for climbing, a galloping, quadrupedal stance utilizing the back three legs as jabbing tails, and walk on the back three with the front two up, similar to a mantis.

It also has an energy weapon on the side of its head. To protect herds of terraforming machines of the 31st century, they will often climb canyon walls or tall trees, scanning for threats. When they spot one, they will use this weapon as a first defense. Because their head can rotate 360 degrees, it is difficult to get the jump on them.

If this doesn't work, they will quickly try and close the distance between themselves and the assailant, utilizing their sharp legs, frontal electric prods and deadly tail to dispatch hunters.

Sorry it came out a bit fuzzy, I had to transfer to many different backgrounds and edit with different devices.

Lovely background picture was done by www.pexels.com/@kinkate
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Nice OC machine! It resembles a Corruptor... I love this game.