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Horizon Zero Dawn Machine Design: Pneumatopus

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So I don't know if this one turned out particularly well, but I think design-wise, it is my favorite. It takes the concepts of the Zero Dawn machines with something never before seen in the series. It is based on current innovations in the subfield of soft robotics, which focuses on creating robots out of soft, flexible materials such as silicone, typically white or translucent. There is little to no metal or hard materials in the body. If you've seen Into The Spider-verse, Doc ock's arms were soft robots.

They move via pneumatics powered by either gas or fluid. I thought this concept could be used to create a machine unlike any others, and an octopus was the perfect animal to base it on, as they are incredibly flexible and able to squeeze through tight spaces. The machine above, larger than a thunderjaw, is a duel class scavenger and purifier, with three specialized frontal tentacles for manipulation of other dead aquatic machines and monitoring the establishment of aquatic ecosystems. These frontal tentacles include a drill, a claw and smaller tentacles. They can also dismantle any anthropocene human structures such as sunken ships to recycle them.

Pneumatics are powered by blaze and chillwater. I thought it should use fluids instead of gas to better maintain its buoyancy.

This one was mostly based off the modern Pacific giant octopus, with some inspiration from blanket octopi (octopuses?) with the longer tentacles on each side (you can only see one in the picture).

I would LOVE to see something like this in the franchise somewhere (The pipe dream is that Guerilla would use one of my designs, but that won't happen). I think the idea of one of these machines terrorizing a futuristic human population like the wharf communities of the Caribbean today. Or haunting an enormous sunken cruise-liner would be amazing.  
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