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Stage XVIII – A matter of Friendship

Hugh’s mind, still in that vast place; crying about Laggia, wishing for everything to turn to normal until then, Apollo itself appeared.

- Quit crying, you loser. I can’t believe I abdicated some of my precious power for you. – Apollo said, walking towards Hugh.
- Shut up… - Hugh said, with his head down.
- I warned you Hugh, I would come after you if you would lose. – Apollo said, getting closer.
- Shut up… - Hugh kept insisting, ignoring Apollo’s word.
- You are just as pathetic as Laggia was. You lost it and now you are sitting in a corner, hoping for it to come back, ridiculous… - Apollo stepped closer to Hugh, attempting to finish Hugh’s live and control his body, by laying its hand on his head.
- Shut up! – Hugh full of anger, lift his head and grabbed Apollo’s throat.
- I..will come back… for you. – Apollo struggled to say, as his body begins to fade away, entering Hugh’s skin.
- About time I get the control out of you. – Hugh said, with anger.

Zack’s Turn
Hugh: 8000 Zack: 8000


- So tell me, Zack, what will your Dinosaurs do without Solda? – Hugh shouted.
- They would fall. But the thing is, I’m not using my Evol deck. – Zack stated.
- So let’s see Alpha’s deck. – Hugh looked back with a determined look.

I activate the continuous spell card, Shintai’s Nature.
(While you control face-up “Artifact” monster(s): This card cannot be removed from the field. Once during your 
Main Phase, you can Normal Summon or Set 1 “Shintai” monster in addition to your Normal Summon or Set.)

I set a monster and then I’ll activate my spell effect, I can normal summon or set another monster. And I’ll summon Shintai – Jinberu. And I end my turn.

Hugh’s Turn
Hugh: 8000 Zack: 8000

Draw, I activate the spell card, Phoenix Fusion. This lets me fuse two or more Phoenix Monsters from my hand or field to Fusion Summon a Phoenix Monster from my Extra deck. So I’ll be fusing my, Shining Phoenix and Burning Phoenix monsters from my hand to Fusion summon, “Explosive Phoenix”.
(When this card is Fusion Summoned: Special Summon 1 of the Fusion Materials that were used for this card’s Summon. If you do: Draw 1 card. During battle between this 
attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.
ATK: 2600 DEF: 1000)

- So, Apollo is the one dueling. – Zack said.
- Not quite, I managed to control it a second later. Now I’m in control of Apollo’s deck. – Hugh informed.

I’ll activate Explosive Phoenix effect. When it is summoned I can special summon one of its requirements and then draw 1 card. So come forth, Burning Phoenix (ATK:1800 DEF:1000).

- A vanilla monster…? – Sophie wondered.
- Is this to be some joke? – Zack asked.

 This might be just a vanilla monster, but it can still pack a punch. I’ll attack your face-up monster with Explosive Phoenix.

- While Jinberu is in ATK position can’t be destroyed by battle. – Zack replied.

 But you still take damage. Next Burning Phoenix will attack that face-down card.

- My card is Shintai – Naru I, and it can be destroyed by battle if it’s in defense position. – Zack replied.
 Tsk… I’ll end my turn.

Zack’s Turn
Hugh: 8000 Zack: 7350

Draw, I activate Naru I’s effect to change its position and then I can add 1 Shintai monster from my deck to my hand. I’ll be adding “Shintai – Naru II” and then I’ll be tributing Naru I to set a monster.
So here I come, I’ll attack Burning Phoenix with Jinberu, and when it destroys a monster I can add 1 “Shintai – Jindai”. Next with my Spell Card’s effect; by tributing Jinberu I will summon Jindai. Next I activate Jindai’s effect. All I need to do is banish 1 card from my hand and then I can destroy 1 monster on the field and add 1 Shintai Monster from my Deck to my hand; So I’ll be destroying your Explosive Phoenix, and add 1 “Shintai – Nokoshi”.

- Phoenix Fusion’s effect activates, when a “Phoenix” Fusion monster is destroyed, I can add it back to my hand. – Hugh responded.

I end my turn.

Hugh’s Turn
Hugh: 7750 Zack: 7350

Draw, I discard one card from my hand to Special Summon Phoenix’s advisor, in defense mode. When it is Special Summon by this way, I can draw 1 card. Next I summon Baby Phoenix, and tune my level 1 Baby Phoenix with my level 5 Phoenix Advisor; To Synchro Summon, Phoenix Mage. And I’ll be activating its effect, by banishing up to 2 Spell cards from my graveyard or hand, its ATK are raised by 500 for each banished card until the end phase. I’m banishing Phoenix Fusion and with this its ATK is now at 2900. I’ll be attacking Jindai with it.

- Jindai has the same effect as Jinberu. It cannot be destroyed by battle. – Zack replied.

No matter, damage is still dealt. I end my turn.

Zack’s Turn
Hugh: 7750 Zack: 6800

Draw, I will tribute Jindai to summon Shintai – Nokoshi and then I’ll activate my quick-spell, Shintai Light.
(Activate this card only if a “Shintai” monster is Tributed for the summon of another “Shintai” monster: Add 1 “Shintai” monster with a different name from your Deck to your hand.)

With this, I can add Shintai – Naru III and flipping my face-down monster, Shintai – Naru II. I will tribute Naru II to set Naru III. With this I’ll attack your Mage and set a card. I End my turn.

- Each time he summons a monster, it gets bigger and bigger… - Anna whispered softly.
- That’s why Zack is using the wrath of the gods. – Sophie said with her arms crossed, observing the duel.
- Is that Zack’s true deck? – Anna asked.
- I see you are catching up. – Sophie affirmed.

Hugh’s Turn
Hugh: 7400 Zack: 6800

Draw. I activate the spell card, Phoenix Memories. I can Special Summon 2 “Phoenix” Monsters from my graveyard. So I’ll be summoning my Mage and Explosive Phoenix. Next I overlay my 2 Level 6 monsters to Xyz Summon, Phoenix Dragon.
(FIRE/Rank 6/Winged-Beast/Xyz/Effect
2 level 6 “Phoenix” Monsters
When this card is Xyz Summoned: Target 1 monster on the field, its ATK is halved. Once per turn: Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; This card can attack your opponent directly.
ATK: 2700 DEF: 2000)

Phoenix Dragon effect activates, when it is Xyz Summoned, it halves the ATK of 1 Monster on the field, and I’ll be halving Nokoshi’s ATK. Next I’ll summon Phoenix Watcher (1600 ATK), this card gains 200 ATK for each “Phoenix” monster on the field, so I’ll be attacking Nokoshi twice and I end my turn with it.

Zack’s Turn
Hugh: 7400 Zack: 4850

- I wonder why you are still standing. – Hugh said.

Draw. I will flip summon Naru – III and I’ll activate its effect, I’ll be adding the last of its species, Naru – IV. I activate my trap card, Light of Intervention. Whenever I set a monster is flip summoned. I can Normal Summon in face-up defense position, Naru – IV. Next I activate Nokoshi effect, I can send the top 3 cards from my Deck to the Graveyard and if one of them is a “Shintai” Monster, it gets added to my hand, if not, then they are banished. So I send the top 3, and I got 1 “Shintai”, the key of victory to this match.

I activate Naru – IV effect, I banish Naru – II and I can banish up to 2 Monster my opponent controls. So say goodbye to your Phoenix Monsters, I tribute Nokoshi to Summon, the ultimate God, Shintai – Ki.

- Look at the size of that thing… - Anna reacted, watching Nokoshi fading away and a even bigger monster appearing.

I activate Ki’s effect. I can Banish up to 2 “Artifact” monsters from my graveyard, and Ki gains equal to those 2 card’s ATK. But as the prize of that, I take damage equal to Ki’s DEF points.

- Ki’s DEF is 4550, Zack LP is 4850. So he manages to survive just by 300 points. – Sophie softly said.

- I banish Sokoshi and Jindai, giving an ATK bonus of 5100 ATK, which in the end is 8550. Go! Ki, annihilate his life points. – Zack pointed his finger at Hugh, ordering his monster to end the duel. The Large rocky structure launched a meteor shower, hitting Hugh with millions of rock pieces with every size.
(Hugh: 0 Zack: 300)

Hugh feel on his knees and Sophie summoned her Skeleton Knight; finishing what Zack didn’t want to do.

- Fine, kill me for all I care, I just can’t stand this any longer… - Hugh looked down, bowing to his friends.
- You are coward… I was wrong in trying to believe in you, now you are judging someone who wanted to help! – Anna turned her back on Hugh, with tears on her eyes shouting at him.
- Kill him. – Sophie gave orders to her monster. The knight stepped in front of Hugh; the knight lifted its sword and swings it down. The sword didn’t made any wound to Hugh, the knight had its sword stuck between the ground and the snow. Sophie didn’t want to actually kill him, just to let him have the burden and the guilty feeling.
- You are now a dead man, don’t ever show that face in front of us. – Sophie said, turning her back away.
- Let’s go, Dr. Thompson might know something. – Zack advised.

After having his body on the cold ground, Hugh decided to be the dead man they wanted him to be. So he waited for the snow to cover him and to die slowly with the cold temperature.

While in Anna’s house, they were trying to explain to Hugh’s father another side of the story, they said that Hugh suffered a horrible accident and was taken by the Hunters of Time. With that said, he agreed to help to recover his son back. But little he knows, Hugh’s body was already under snow, waiting for Death to come after him.

- After some studies, there’s been discovered a strange type of energy. Your father’s researchers and I wanted to return to the site and do more testing, but the research was cancelled for a week, due to some unknown organization jumping in there and owning it for a week. – Hugh’s father shared his info with the rest.
- That’s them. They were going to drain some of the energy and return to HQ so they can multiply and make large amounts of energy cells, when they have a good quantity it will be enough to open a portal. – Zack said.
- But to where? – Anna asked.
- To the land of the Evolzar empire; the land where Lucifer was sealed, Agia. – Sophie stated.
- Agia? – Anna wondered.
Yes; the legend says that Evil merged with a Dark and Light being, the power of chaos to take down the Emperors, but they were defeated because Solda didn’t touched the battleground. While Dolkka and Laggia had to fight against Lucifer and its army alone. Eventually Dolkka was captured, leaving Laggia to fight alone. – Zack explained a little bit of the legend.
- Enough talking we need to know when are they starting to gather the energy. – Hugh’s father suggested.
- They are doing it now. – Zack said.
- We need to spread an A/BVirus into the gathered energy so when they actually form the portal, the B virus will react to the A virus; causing a chain reaction to make a replica of their Portal, so then we all can jump in there. – Sophie advised.
- Question, how do you know this stuff? – Anna asked.
- Let’s say there’s no vice-president of their organization. – Sophie laughed, saying it.
- What does she mean? – Anna wondered.
- The Vice-President died and she got every info on his mind. – Zack replied.
- How can she do that?! – Anna asked.
- I’m death, and that’s my Evolzar Power. – Sophie answered.
- Since when do you have powers? Fake Guardians aren’t supposed to have powers. – Anna wondered.
- Both me and my Evolzar were kinda forced to grow more knowledge than you three… which isn’t very, since Zack is the only one that understands this; you can understand it when it’s told you at the first time. And Hugh doesn’t get crap. – Sophie said.
- Yeah… - Anna whispered, softly.
- Okay, people lets launch our virus. – Zack said.

After making the virus, with Hugh’s father help, they manage to introduce the virus without the Hunters of time security realized it.

- So how long do they take to make the portal? – Anna wondered.
- Huh… I believe it might take 10 minutes. – Zack said.
- What?! – Anna surprised, said.
- With the tech they have, they can do stuff in 10 minutes that Mankind can only do with 5 years. – Zack affirmed.
- They are so good? – Anna said.
- Yes, we are facing a great enemy… - Zack softly said.
- Alright. The truck has arrived. – Sophie warned.
- Why do we need a truck..? – Anna wondered.
- Why do you think? – Sophie looked at her.
- Your deck isn’t strong enough. – Zack replied.
- So you mean… I have 10 Minutes to look like at more than 5000 cards? – Anna looked back and asked.
- Yeah, pretty much… - Sophie shrugged and said.
- Zack, just who the hell is this girl? – Anna asked.
- Just do what she says, we can’t waste any more time… - Zack said, looking down afterwards.

As it was requested, Anna locked herself in her room for more than 10 minutes to make the deck. Zack and Sophie were starting to be a bit worried about the time, because has been over more than 30 minutes and no portal was made. At the woods, Hugh was still alive, but unable to move his body.

- (Why am I still alive?!) – Hugh thought, still hating himself.
- (Dude, you gotta stop being so emo and depressive, it’s ruining my reputation.) – Apollo came on and replied.
- (Shut the hell up. I thought I got your spirit under control…) – Hugh said.
- (You failed my mission, Hugh. And now you have to pay the prize.) – Apollo said, changing his tone.
- (Yeah Yeah, go cry me a river for all the damns I give about it.) – Hugh replied.
- (Are you… Are telling me to screw off?) – Apollo asked.
- (What if I am? You got a problem with it?!) – Hugh shouted.
- (No wonder your friends left you, you’re acting an ass…) – Apollo replied.
- (Look at the damns I give…) – Hugh softly said.
- (You do know you are not going to die with low temperature, right?) – Apollo asked.
- (What do you mean?) – Hugh wondered.
- (Laggia is a Fire-Soul and I am a Fire-Spirit. While we are in your body and mind, you cannot die by low temperature… Remember the fight against Alex? Yeah that was a real warm night.) – Apollo informed Hugh.
- (Oh great…Are you going to be one of those figures where it pisses off and annoys someone?) – Hugh wondered.
- (Meh…) – Apollo said, fading away from Hugh’s mind.

At Anna’s house.

- Got it! – Anna shouted. - I made the deck…after an hour and 18 minutes, though. – Anna softly said.
- And during that hour and 18 minutes no portal was made… - Sophie said.
- Maybe they found out the virus and took it out of their system. – Anna wondered.
- Then we would notice it. – Sophie replied.
- Wait… - Zack softly said, watching the portal to take form. - It’s about to open. - Zack said.
- Alright, let’s get our stuff and say goodbye to your friends and family. All I need to call is my grandpa and my agent… - Sophie softly said.
- And I have to say goodbye to my dad and Hugh’s father and thank them for the help. – Anna said.
- Alright people, 5 minutes. – Zack said, beginning to walk to grab his things.

Those five minutes passed, Anna thanked everyone and Sophie was saying goodbye to her grandfather. While Zack was making everything ready, preparing any supply or sort of help, while deep in the woods, under a pile of snow, Hugh was starting to fall asleep but to lack of oxygen, the moment he falls asleep was the moment where Zack, Sophie and Anna stepped in a new mission.

Laddies and gentleman! I am proud to announce the final chapter of E.G.G's first part.
Our Heroes take a deep step into a whole new world.
E.G.G. Part 2 will be upload next week!
Hope you all have enjoyed it. Keep reading and sending feedback!
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