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Yu-Gi-Oh! E.G.G by grezar

Stage XVII – The Fated Duel


Omega’s Turn
Omega : 8000 Anna: 8000 Hugh: 8000 Zack: 8000

My turn. Draw! I activate the Spell card, Call of the Lightning. This card allows me to add 1 “Lightning” or “Dark Lightning” monster from my deck to my hand. And I’ll add “DarkLightning Magician”

- DarkLightning? I never heard about those… - Anna wondered as she hears Omega’s monster.
- That’s because they aren’t for public. Omega is the owner of the Lightning monsters, he and only he can use them. – Zack explained.

That’s quite a trivia for someone who says that isn’t a traitor.
It’s still my move, next I’ll summon Darklightning Avian, by decreasing this monster’s ATK by 500 I can add another 1 “Lightning” or “Dark Lightning. So I’ll add Lightning Fighter, next I activate the normal spell card, Lightning Shock. This lets me Special Summon 1 “DarkLightning” monster from my hand.
I’ll Special Summon DarkLightning Lancer and activate its effect. When its Special Summoned from my hand, I can pay 800 Life Points to Special Summon 2 “DarkLightning” monsters from my hand.
Now Come! DarkLightning Magician and Lightning Fighter! Now, I will activate Magician’s effect, to declare a level from 1 to 8 and you take 100 damage for each level. It’s your lucky day because I’ll be selected Level 4 so you will only take 400 damage.

- Only 400 Damage? – Hugh wondered.
- Keep your heads up, this will be something you won’t want to miss. – Zack said.

Oh you won’t want to miss this; Magician’s effect also turns every monster’s level to the selected level. So now I have 4 level 4 monsters. And now, for my final move! I’ll overlay my level 4 Avian, Lancer, Magician and Fighter to Xyz Summon.

“Heaven’s above, created the ultimate destruction weapon. Descend my mighty Dragon! Come Forth, Dark Thunder Dragon!” (ATK: 2400 DEF: 300)

- Hugh took a glance upon Omega’s dragon, and as it glances back with his red eyes, Hugh remembered. - N-No… Not this dragon! – Hugh said, stepping back slowly and feeling on his knees.
- Hugh, what’s the matter? – Anna looked upon Hugh, asking him the reason for his fear.
- It’s the same dragon, from my dreams… - Hugh said in fear.

I activate Dark Thunder Dragon’s effect, by detaching 1 Xyz Material it gains 500 ATK. I set 1 card and with this I end my turn. It’s your move, Knight.

- Hugh… - Anna whispered while looking at his frozen expression.
- Hugh, if you don’t start your turn things will go wrong. Laggia will get captured and you will die. You have to keep your head and spirit up. – Zack shouted out at Hugh.
- Hugh…He is right, no matter what will happen, everything depends in your decision. – Anna said as she tried to help out.
- I don’t know what to do… That dragon is the key to finish this duel, if I get close to lose, Apollo will react and it will hurt Laggia. – Hugh said, glancing at the dragon’s eyes.
- Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I got time to destroy. – Omega sarcastically said.
- Hugh, you can’t keep up like this, you have things at stake. If you fail this mission, you won’t get another chance, Laggia will be captured and the evil behind this will destroy this world. Killing everyone including your love one, even your father, you can’t back down now. – Zack said.

Hugh had lost every hope. Nothing he could do, would help this situation. Hugh just gave up.
- There it goes… the fall of Knight. – Omega said, as his observed Hugh’s expression.
- You’re right… - Hugh softly said; Giving up.
- Dark Thunder Dragon, catch your prey for me. – Omega ordered.

Omega lift his arm, choosing the dragon’s target. The dragon took flight towards, Hugh; Hoping to eat Laggia’s spirit and energy. Zack and Anna couldn’t do anything but to witness it. Until a miracle appeared, an energy burst came out from Hugh’s body. – Get up! – Laggia’s voice reached Hugh’s mind.
- Nothing can be done… - Hugh said, losing his hope.
- Nothing is determined until the last card is player. Get up and Fight! – Laggia shouted.

Hugh’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 7600 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Hugh got up, with full confidence in his face; Omega was thrilled with this new expression.


- Yes! Show me your strength, Knight! – Omega shouted.

I summon Evoltile Odonto, and I activate its effect, to special summon Evolsaur Cerato. Next I activate the spell card, Evo-Force. I tribute Odonto to summon Evolsaur Diplo, when Diplo is special summoned by the effect of an Evoltile monster, I can destroy 1 Spell or Trap card you control. I’ll destroy the only Spell or Trap. Next I’ll Overlay my Cerato and Diplo to summon.

“The Empowering Age of True Evolution! The Might of Dinosaurs Becomes the Wrath of the Mighty Dragon! Burn Away All Opposition, Evolzar Laggia!”

I set 1 card and end.

Anna’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 7600 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

It’s my move, draw.

- I activate my trap, Evo-Shield. – Hugh answered.
(While this card is face-up: Face-up Evolzar monsters with Xyz Materials attached on cannot be destroyed battle or by card effects.)
With this card our Dragons with Xyz Materials attached on them cannot be destroyed battle or by card effects. Make your best move, Anna. – Hugh said, looking back at Anna.

Right, I activate the effect of Evoltile Champso from my hand. To discard this card and Special Summon 2 Evolsaur Ceratos monsters, then I overlay my 2 ceratos to Xyz Summon

“The Empowering Age of True Evolution! The Might of Dinosaurs Becomes the Wrath of the Mighty Dragon! Launch your wrath, Evolzar Dolkka!”

I set 2 cards and End.

Zack’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 7600 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Draw, I activate the Spell card, Evo-Diversity. This allows me to add 1 Evoltile Odonto. Next I’ll summon it and activate its effect; To special summon Evolsaur Elias, and Elias’ effect activates. To summon a second Elias from my hand, in defense position. Next I’ll overlay my Elias to Xyz Summon.

“The Empowering Age of True Evolution! The Might of Dinosaurs Becomes the Wrath of the Mighty Dragon! Come and serve your Kingdowm, Evolzar Soldde!”

I end my turn.
- Yes, finally! Every Dragon is in front of me; Let the hunt begin! – Omega shouts, as the thrill gets higher for him.

Omega’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 7600 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

I activate my dragon’s effect, by detaching a Xyz Material it gains 500 ATK.

- Not so fast, I activate Dolkka’s effect; it can negate the activation of your monster’s effect and destroy it. – Anna answers in response to Omega.
- Too bad sweetie, DarkLightning’s effect cannot be negated. – Omega reacts.
- What?! – Anna surprised said. 

2 Materials out, 2 to go, next I activate the spell card, Heavy Storm.
- I won’t let you. I activate the trap card, Trapless. If you activate a card effect that would destroy more than 1 Spell or Trap card, I can select 1 card on the field and it doesn’t get destroyed. I select Evo-Shield. – Anna answers in chain to Heavy Storm.

Doesn’t matter, I can still deal you damage. So take it, you insolent girl; I’ll attack Dolkka with my dragon. I’ll end my turn with this.

Hugh’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Draw, alright you want a piece of us so come on and get it.

I activate the effect of Evoltile Elgina from my hand. I can discard this card and if I do I can special summon 2 Evolsaur monsters from my deck. I’ll Special Summon 2 Evolsaur Styra, next I activate the effect of my Styra’s, when it was Summoned by the effect of an Evoltile monster I can summon 2 more Evolsaur monsters, but they are banished during the end phase.
I summon 2 Evolsaur Diplos, I’ll next overlay my 2 Styra to Xyz summon Wind-Up Zenmaister, and my 2 diplos for Gem-Knigh Pearl. Next I activate the spell card, Reinforced Xyz Strength.
This card allows me to select 1 monster on the field, and by detaching Xyz Materials from Xyz monsters I control and I then can attach those materials to the selected monster, it gains 500 for each one. I’ll 4 materials from Zenmaister and Pearl and attach them to Laggia which gives the total of 2000 boost. And for my final move I’ll attack your dragon.

- I knew you were stupid, but not this stupid. While my dragon has Xyz Materials it cannot be targeted as an attack target and it cannot be destroyed by card effects. – Omega explains a little bit more.
- Impossible… - Hugh softly says.
- Oh c’mon, don’t go all dramatic and stuff, this game is broken so deal with it. – Omega says.

I’ll end my turn.

Anna’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Zack, I’m running out of options… any advices?

-We need to remove those materials, but we don’t have anything to stop it. – Zack gave his thoughts.
- Anna listened to him and took a look at her hand, she smiled. - I think I have something; I activate the continuous spell card, Forbidden Materials. While this card is face-up on the field, Xyz Materials cannot be detached and monsters with Materials cannot declare an attack. This might slow you down. I end my turn.

Zack’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600


- Zack looked at his hand and kept an indecisive look. A look of someone that didn’t knew what to do. - I end my turn. – Zack said, passing his turn.
Zack?! What’s wrong with you? – Hugh asked, turning his face at him.
- That’s right, Alpha. Sit there and do nothing. Let the other Guardians lose because of your actions, the actions of a traitor. – Omega provoked Zack.

Omega’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

I set 1 monster and 1 card, end my turn.

Hugh’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

- (There’s actually nothing I can do…) – Hugh thought. - I change Pearl and Zenmaister to defense position and I end my turn.

Anna’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Draw, I set 1 card and end my turn.

Zack’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

Draw. I end.

Omega’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 6500 Hugh: 7600 Zack: 7600

I flip my face-down monster, Lightning Feral. When this monster is flipped, I can destroy 1 card on the field. So I’ll destroy, Forbidden Materials.
Next I activate the Spell card, Lightning Sphere. Once per turn, I can destroy 1 monster I control and select 1 monster you guys control, and switch its position. I destroy feral and target Zenmaister, next I’ll detach one of dragon’s material and increase its ATK by 500, again.

- Well 1 more Material left… - Hugh whispered.
- He won’t detach it… - Zack says.
- What makes you think that? – Hugh wonders about Zack’s thoughts.
- Dragon’s effect cannot be negate while having materials, but if the last material is detached it will count as it doesn’t have Materials, leaving a free meal for Dolkka. – Zack explains a bit of his words.
- Smart as always, we always admired this in you, Alpha. We didn’t mind that you followed your role in the legend. And you could simply give us the Evolzar, but instead of that, you ran off. – Omega said, frustrated.
- Role? What Legend? – Hugh begins to get curious.
- Well Zack, I guess he should know. – Omega advised.
- We are all descendents from our tittles, the role as Knight is important to Agia Empire, the bravest of them all, and the strongest of them all. But one fated day, Evil was attacking Agia and the Sword and Shield, he backstabbed the Knight. Leaving his throne and his battle mates, that is why I’m a Hunter of Time. – Zack said, revealing a bit of the story and himself.
- Will you betray us? – Hugh asked.
- As a Hunter of time and Guardian, I don’t have any other option to follow the legend… - Zack softly.
- I see… What about the other roles? – Hugh softly asked.
- Archer will stay with you, Death won’t rest till she kills the one she wants…which is you. And Muse will get what is hers, which is in your possession. – Zack answered Hugh’s question.
- So I see… Good to know I’ll have someone by my side. – Hugh said, smiling softly at Anna.
- Not quite, Archer will end up leave you; she will go after the Muse to know the secrets Muse is holding. – Zack interrupted Hugh’s smile, while not making eye contact.

- Hugh was devastated; he felt like the world turned its back on him, again. - Ironic, don’t you think…? When my mother died, I always wanted to be alone, but then I meet Laggia, and he gave me the opportunity to have more people in my life, I got too attached and then I’m going to be alone, again. – Hugh said.
- Huh… Hey Alpha, how come is this idiot the descendent of Knight? It’s not that he should be the Knight. – Omega wondered.
- What does he mean? – Hugh asked.
- Knight was supposed to be Dr. Thompson, your father. – Zack looked at Hugh, showing his face, his expression was cold and sad.
- Then why me? – Hugh wondered. – If I shouldn’t be the descendent of Knight, then why am I a guardian?! – Hugh wanted answers.
- Because, Laggia was watching over you, he gave the opportunity to change the life of someone in need. – Zack replied to Hugh.

Well, I think we should move on, it’s still my move; I activate my quick-spell, Thunderous Chains. This card negates the effect of every effect monster currently on my opponent’s field; Laggia cannot negate it because no effects can response to this.

Next I activate my trap, Grave’s Thunder Storm. This card lets me Special Summon as many monsters from as I want. I’ll special summon DarkLightning Avian, Magician and Lancer; Next I activate my Magician’s effect, I discard a card and select 1, so you all will take 100 points of damage.
This means my monsters’ levels are decreased to 1, so I tune my Avian with my Magician, Feral and Lancer to Synchro Summon, Lightning Thunder Dragon.

I’ll activate its effect, by selecting a monster on the field I can decrease its ATK by 500 and the one I’ll be selecting is Soldde. For the finish move of my turn, I’ll be attacking, Dolkka with Dark Thunder Dragon and Soldde with Lightning Thunder Dragon. And I’ll be ending my turn and the effect of “Thunderous Chains” ends here.

Hugh’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 7500 Zack: 7200

- Why wasn’t I a target? – Hugh looked around, wondering.
- Because, Soldde and Dolkka are the most dangerous, Soldde has protection and it can destroy any Special Summoned monster and Dolkka can negate Lightning Thunder Dragon’s effect. He wants to finish us off first. – Anna answered.

- (Am I not worthy enough for an attack?!) – Hugh thought.
Draw, I’ll switch Laggia to defense mode and I set 1 monster, 1 card and end my turn.

Laggia curled his six wings, shielding himself. Anna and Zack felt Hugh’s desperation and fear. Anna looked down to her hand, found herself shaking of fear. Zack noticed it and felt guilty.

Anna’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 7500 Zack: 7200

Draw, I switch Dolkka to defense mode and end…
- Anna… - Hugh softly said, looking at her.

Zack’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 7500 Zack: 7200

- Draw, I’ll do the same. Hugh, there’s nothing we can actually do… - Zack stated. - I end. – Zack made his move.

Omega’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 7500 Zack: 7200

It’s time to ruin you three!

Draw, I banish Lightning Fighter and DarkLightning Grypho from my graveyard to Special Summon, DarkLightning Sinister Champion. And I’ll banish from my graveyard once again, Lightning Feral and DarkLightning Lancer to Special Summon, Lightning Knight. Next I’ll overlay my 2 level 7 monsters to Xyz Summon, DarkLightning Beast of the Moon - Phantom Lightning!

But I’m not over yet, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Lightning Sphere and activate its effect; by paying 1500 life points I can special summon up to 3 Lightning or DarkLightning Monsters from my graveyard. I’ll be summoning, Avian and Sorceress. But they aren’t here to stay, because I’m tuning them two for, Lightning Beast of the Sun – Phantom Thunder.

Next I activate Phantom Thunder’s effect, by selecting a monster in defense position I can change its position to attack position, but It lose ATK points equal to its DEF points. I’ll be choosing Dolkka so it will lose 1700 ATK.

- I’ll detach a Material from Dolkka to negate it! – Anna shouted.
- Wrong! While Lightning Thunder Dragon is face up, my monsters effects can’t be negated. – Omega stated.
- (This means Anna will be defeated…) – Hugh thought.

Next I’ll be activating Lightning Thunder Dragon effect, I’ll be decreasing Solda’s ATK by 500 again.

Now go my Dragons devour that girl’s soul.

- I activate my Trap, Damage Path. Any Damage that a player would take, I can take it instead. – Hugh chained, receiving the damage and falling on his knees again.
- Suite yourself. I end my turn. – Omega replied, ending his turn.

Hugh’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 2400 Zack: 7200

- Why would you do that?! – Anna shouted with anger.
- Because… You would do it as well… Plus, I can’t let my friend die. – Hugh said, getting up with pain.

Draw… I flip summon Westlo, when its flipped I can Special Summon 1 Evolsaur Pelta from my deck, in defense position. Next I normal summon another Westlo and overlay them to summon Wind-up Zenmaines in defense position.
I activate the spell card, Evo-Triad. If Solda, Dolkka and Laggia are present on the field, I can destroy every monster my opponent controls.

- You are forgetting, Dark Thunder and Lightning Thunder Dragon won’t be destroyed. – Omega wondered.
- Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting. – Hugh affirmed, relieved for taking out some of their threats. But the damage was too big that Hugh fell on his knees again, coughing blood; whipping some from his lips with his hand. - I end my turn. – Hugh stated, panting.

Anna’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 2400 Zack: 7200

Draw, I’ll switch Dolkka to defense position again. I end my turn.

Zack’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 2400 Zack: 7200

Draw. I set 1 monster and end my turn.

Omega’s Turn
Omega : 7200 Anna: 4800 Hugh: 2400 Zack: 7200

- Draw. I activate the quick-spell card, Phantom Curse. With this, changes the position of every monster on my opponent’s field. – Omega smirked.

Well Gentlemen and milady. It’s time to end this duel, because I’m activating the field spell, Lightning World. This card gives my monsters an 800 ATK boost and that’s not all, once per turn I can detach every single material from every Xyz Monster my opponents control and they lose 300 ATK for detached material. Dolkka only had 600 ATK so this means it doesn’t have any ATK points left. Solda now has 1000 ATK due to my Dragon’s effect. And finally, the main prize, the one Evolzar Dragon who has 6 Materials and 4400 ATK, or I could say, “had”. Because now it has 2600 ATK, but I’m not over yet, Lightning Thunder will decrease the attack of Solda by 500 so now it has 500 ATK.
Next I activate the Spell card, Monster Reborn to bring back Phantom Darkness, and I activate the spell card, Lightning Sacrifice. By tributing Phantom Darkness and selecting a Dark Thunder Dragon, it can attack equal to the level of the tributed monster, but it is the only monster that can battle during this turn, so Dark Thunder Dragon can attack seven times.

As Phantom Darkness gets tributed, the piano music started to be played, Hugh entered in despair once again, Zack already knew their fate, and Anna was worried about Hugh.

What a suitable music, don’t you think? Dark Thunder Dragon attack Dolkka and that girl directly, 6 attacks left.
(Anna: 0)
Go again, attack Solda and Alpha directly!
And 4 Attacks left. For my final move attack Laggia and that cry baby directly!

The Guardians had lost their duel and the song had stopped.

But I’m not done yet! Now go Dark Thunder Dragon, capture those Dragons!

Dark Thunder Dragon, lunched its remaining attacks but it was interrupted in the end by a Skeleton looking Dragon. Sophie had arrived to the scene and protecting the others, but coming out from the trees a warrior with a giant sword, jumped from the branches and targeted the Skeleton Dragon, battling it and destroying it.

- Tsk… - Sophie said.
- You have to try harder, Death. - Said a woman’s voice, coming from every direction in the woods.
- I know that voice… - Anna softly said.

A person with the face covered approached Hugh and grabbed his Extra Deck.

- Hugh! Get away from her! – Anna shouted.
- I only came to get what I want. – The woman whispered, opening his Extra Deck and grabbing Zeddoa.
- So you are… - Hugh whispered.
- Yes, that’s Muse, owner of Zeddoa. – Sophie came closer and answered.
- What are you doing here? – Anna wondered, with a bit of anger.
- Calm down, I only came to help. – Sophie replied.
I can take care of it.

- (Hugh…) – Laggia said, teleporting Hugh’s mind into a clear white vast place. – (Our time is short. With the rest energy that I have, I have given you a new power.) – Laggia said.
- (You can’t! Apollo will use it!) – Hugh shouted.
- (It won’t, only you can unlock it, when the time is right.) – Laggia replied.
- (I won’t be able to use it anyway, I’ll die because I lost the duel against a Hunter of Time…) – Hugh softly said.
- (You didn’t lost. We are giving you three another opportunity to stay alive. Go to Agia, and save Humanity from there. Farewell, Hugh…) – Laggia said, beginning to fade away.
- (No! Don’t go!) – Hugh still on his knees, lift his hands and tried to grasp upon Laggia as he faded away.

- Omega took the opportunity of Muse monster’s distraction. Again, Dark Thunder Dragon, capture those dragons! – Omega ordered. This time, the dragon’s attack succeeded and it had swollen the Evolzars’ energy. - Our work here is done. Let’s head back and finish this mission. – Omega ordered.
- Yeah, let’s go. – Muse replied, as they turned their back. Anna shouted from the distance.
- Wait Muse! Zack told me you have secrets about me. Tell me, what secrets? – Anna wondered.
- You’ll have to wait, Honey. Well, only if you found us. – Muse replied.
- That’s enough, we’re leaving. – Omega looked into Muse’s eyes showing demand.
- Calm down, I was just being polite by answering… - Muse softly replied.

- They are gone… - Anna said, looking away.
- You didn’t finish the song, right? – Zack wondered.
- I didn’t; because I found a way to retrieve the Evolzars. – Sophie said.
- Why didn’t you help us?! – Hugh still on his knees and with his back turned to her, shouted.
- Because, this is a fight for true Guardians, my Evolzar is a fake. I can’t participate in your duels. – Sophie said.
- That doesn’t give you the excuse to not help us! I now think that never had a duel in your whole life, we almost died. – Hugh got up and turned to Sophie and said.
- I kind hoped that you did. It was given you three a mission and you all together failed it. You have to pay for the price. – Sophie said, looking into Hugh’s eyes.
- Well kill me now, because I’m tired hearing this crap! – Hugh shouted
- As you wish, I don’t mind killing you right now. – Sophie said, summoning one of her monsters.
- Woah! Let’s calm down. Sophie, what did you found out? – Zack wondered.
- The Hunters of time are opening a portal, so they can go through it and release Lucifer. – Sophie shared her info.
- Lucifer? – Anna wondered.
- That’s the evil force that once battled the Evolzars. – Sophie replied.
- I’m going alone. – Hugh said, turning away and beginning to walk away.
- You are dumber, stupid and idiot than I freaking imagined. Do you even know how to make portal? Because It’s stupid enough to go through their portal. And what deck will you use to battle the Hunters of Time? Because you just lost your Evolzar and your deck seems useless now. – Sophie stated.
- She is right, you know. – Zack said, making Hugh to stop and turn around.
- Who are you to talk about right or wrong? I prefer going alone than going with a traitor and or with someone who is trying to kill me. If I go through that portal, I will go with Anna. – Hugh with anger said.
- I won’t go… - Anna looked away and said.
- What? Why? – Hugh questioned her.
- This isn’t you… I’ve never seen this side of you. I don’t want to go with someone who I don’t know anymore… - Anna softly said.
- Fine, I’ll go all by myself. It’s not that I need you. -
- Let me ask you a thing, what will happen if Apollo strikes again? – Sophie wondered.
- Then I will use its power and burn everything in my way. – Hugh said, with anger.
- I wonder if this is Apollo talking… - Anna wondered softly.
- Let’s see if you can do that, I challenge you to a duel, Hugh. – Sophie challenged Hugh.
- You and what army? – Hugh replied back.
- Last time I recall, I still need to kill you. – Sophie threatened Hugh.
- If you keep thinking this way, then I’ll fight against you too. – Zack said.
- I’ll duel Zack, I guess there’s things that I need to settle some things. – Hugh stated.

The battle between our Heroes and the warriors of evil begin and they collide their forces, giving their all until the last sweat drop falls.

Card of the Stage:
Continuous Trap Card.
While this card is face-up: Face-up Evolzar monsters with Xyz Materials attached on cannot be destroyed battle or by card effects.
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