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Stage XIII – One Step Closer

Anna and Jack entered the duel arena, the air was tense, the rivalry was big, Anna didn't said a word, she just prepared

- Aren’t you going to say anything? – Jack asked.
- Have you ever been in heaven? It’s been said that it’s worse than hell. – Anna softly said.
- Tsk… Big words for a fairy. – Zack replied.
- Small words for a piece of junk. – Anna responded back.
- Ugr… I’ll take the first move. – Zack enraged said.

Jack‘s Turn
Jack: 8000 Anna: 8000

Draw, from my hand I activate the continuous trap card, “Steel Steam”
(You can activate this card from your hand. Each time an effect of a “Mechanize Burn” monster deals damage to your opponent: You can Pay 1000 Life Points; The damage your opponent would receive gets double instead.)

Next I’ll summon, Mechanize Burn – Sento. And as you know, when Sento is summoned you take 800 damage, but I’ll pay 1000 life points from my trap to deal the double. Next I’ll pay 800 life points to Special Summon a Sento from my hand.

I’ll keep up the same process paying 1000 to inflict 1600 damage. Next, I’ll pay another 800 life points to special summon, “Mechanize Burn – Ando”
(ATK:2000 DEF: 500 When this card is summoned, inflict to your opponent 1000 damage. Once per you can pay 1000 Life points to destroy 1 card on both player’s field, inflict to both players 500 damage.)

When Ando is summoned, you receive 1000 damage, but I’ll pay another 1000 life points to inflict the double. I end My turn.

Jack: 3400 Anna: 2800

From my hand I activate my monster’s effect, “Chorus Angel”
(Level 6 ATK 1500 DEF: 1500 During your Opponent’s End Phase, if you took effect damage: you can discard this card from your hand; gain life points equal to the difference of your opponent’s life points and yours.)

All I need to do is discard this monster and my life points because the same as yours.

Anna‘s Turn
Jack: 3400 Anna: 3400

Draw. I’ll discard 1 card from my hand to Special Summon my Angel Swordswoman, I’ll activate her effect, if she is Special Summoned this way, I can Special summon 1 Fairy-type monster from my deck. I’ll special Summon, Angel’s Supporter
(Level 4 ATK 1200 DEF 1000 When this card is Special Summon by the effect of a Fairy-type monster: you can make that monster level 4.)

When Angel’s Supporter is special Summon by the effect of a Fairy-type monster, I can turn Angel Swordswoman level 4. So I’ll overlay my Level 4 Angels and I’ll Xyz Summon,

Gate Keeper – Alice
2 Level 4 Monsters

During either player’s turn, if a card would be destroyed: you detach 1 Xyz material from this card; negate the destruction. Once per turn, during your Main Phase: Select 1 card from your graveyard and add it to your hand.
ATK: 2200 DEF: 2000

I’ll attack one of your Sento’s and then I’ll set a card and activate my spell card, “Angel’s Voice”
(If you have a “
Chorus Angel” on your graveyard: add a counter each time you receive damage from a effect card. When your life points hit 0: Gain 100 Life Points, then remove every counter on this card: inflict 1000 damage to your opponent for each counter.)

I end my turn.

Jack‘s Turn
Jack: 3000 Anna: 3400

Draw! I activate Ando’s effect, if I pay 1000 lp I can destroy 1 card on each player’s field, so I will destroy my trap and your Gate Keeper and then we take 500 damage.

- I activate Alice’s effect. If I detach 1 Xyz Material I can prevent 1 card to be destroyed. – Anna replied.

But still get the damage. Next I’ll change my monsters to defense position and end my turn.
- Because I took damage, my spell card receives a counter. – Anna said.
- Again with the counters?! – Jack shouted.

Anna‘s Turn
Jack: 1500 Anna: 2900

Draw, I’ll banish Angel’s Supporter to Special Summon Angel Knight from my hand
I’ll attack Ando with my Knight and Alice with Santo, when my Knight attack it deal piercing damage.

I end my turn

Jack‘s Turn
Jack: 600 Anna: 2900


You know Anna, I’ve been expecting more than this child’s play. But then again, you are just using a bunch of Angels… Let me Show you the true power of a Machine.

I activate Dark Hole.
- I activate Alice’s effect to protects herself. – Anna responded.

I’ll banish 3 Mechanize Burn from my graveyard and Special Summon
Mechanize Burn – The King
(ATK: 3500 DEF : 2000 This card cannot be Normal Summon or Special Summon. This card can only be Special Summon by banishing 3 Mechanize Burn monsters from your graveyard. Once per turn Inflict 2000 Damage to your opponent. This card cannot attack.)

I activate King’s effect, Inflict 2000 Life points to you.
I get 1 more counter. – Anna said.

I end.

Jack‘s Turn
Jack: 600 Anna: 900

Draw, I’ll Banish Angel Swordswoman and Angel Knight from my graveyard and 2 Mystical Shine Balls from my hand to Special Summon, Archlord Ormen from my hand.

When Ormen is summoned this way, I can destroy 1 card you control, so I’ll destroy your king. And I end my turn.

Jack‘s Turn
Jack: 600 Anna: 900

Draw. I WIN!

I’ll Special Summon in defense position
Mechanize Burn – E.R
You can Special Summon this card from your hand if your life points are lower than your opponent. When this card is summoned inflict 1100 Damage to your opponent.
ATK 2100 DEF 1200

When this monster is summoned you take 1100 damage. This means I’ve won!

The Flames of E.R started to surround Anna, but it didn’t even touch her. Anna was protect by a invisible sphere, as Jack watch this miracle happening. Anna smiled softly.

- What the… What is this?! – Jack shouted.
- I activate the effect of my spell card, “Angel’s Voice”. – Anna replied.
- What?! How?! Your life points hit 0. – Jack was confused.
- When my life points hit 0 I gain 100 life points and inflict 1000 for each counter it had. You pretty much were just setting your own death flag. – Anna said.
- N-No… Even with 0 life points I can’t defeat you! – Jack sighed.
- 100 life points, to be precise.

Jack: 0 Anna: 100

- OHHHHHHHHH Anna won!!! The champion is going to the finals to protect her title. – P. Simon shouted with the spectators cheering up. - We will take a 10 minute break. So enjoy it while you can!! – P.Simon said.

During that break, Zack left his seat and went meeting up with Anna and Hugh.

- Hey guys! Congrats on your victories – Zack said.
- Hey Zack! – Hugh greets Zack.
- Hi Zack, what do you think? – Anna asked.
- What do I think? You guys are awesome, reaching the finals is cool! – Zack said, cheerful.
- I’m not referring that. I mean my outfit and my new deck. – Anna mumbled.

- Oh… You look great. The deck looks powerful. – Said Zack
- You guys seem that you were spending time together… – Hugh wondered.
- Hey, Anna. Can I speak with you in private? – Zack asked.
- Sure, we’ll be right back, Hugh. – Anna said.
- S-Sure… - Hugh replied.

Anna and Zack went to the lockers, where they could talk more in private, there Zack wanted to share some info with Anna.

- So what’s up? – Anna asked.
- Alright…So… I have this feeling that you will lose this match… - Zack said.
- So you saw the future… - Anna sighed.
- I saw, but not who won. – Zack sighed too.
- What do you mean? – Anna asked.
- A red sphere will appear and no one from the outside can’t see the duel, my visions can’t go any further… - Zack replied.
- I see… - Anna said, worried.
- Don’t worry, Zack. Anna and I predict that the pendent will react during the duel. – Dolkka stepped in.
- How can you be so sure? – Zack asked.
- The pendent began to glow each time Hugh’s life points decreased. So it will react and do whatever is possible to win. – Anna referred.
- I see… What are you going to do to stop it? – Zack asked.
- If we are right, Hugh will get possessed. And If a spirit is able to control a duelist then my spirit will enter the pendent while Dolkka will duel in my place. – Anna said.
- I see… What will you do next? – Zack asked.
- The pendent is guarded by some sort of energy, if Laggia is inside of it and imprisoned there; Anna will try to set him free. – Dolkka said.
- Good plan but what happens if you fail? – Zack wondered.
- I may be a prisoner too and Dolkka will have to possess my body… - Anna whispered.

- Time’s up! Please Hugh and Anna, step inside the duel arena. – P.Simon announced, and Anna returned with Zack.

- Well good luck to both of you. You will need it. – Zack said.
- Thanks. – Both of them thanked.

- Good luck, Anna. No matter what happens, both of us are champions. – Hugh said.
- Thanks, guess you’re right. – Anna replied.

The Finals are around the corner, Anna plans to safe Hugh, hopping to release him from the spirit who possess him.

Card of Stage:
Gate Keeper – Alice
2 Level 4 Monsters During either player’s turn, if a card would be destroyed: you detach 1 Xyz material from this card; negate the destruction. Once per turn, during your Main Phase: Select 1 card from your graveyard and add it to your hand.
ATK: 2200 DEF: 2000
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FrostRaven32 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Well done man. Well done
EvolKing96 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope the next one will please you even more.
FrostRaven32 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait man. Can't wait... Also have an Idea for another duelist character with a Bujin deck
EvolKing96 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, I can use him. But sadly only it cannot be in this Fan Fic, since I have everything written. But I can put him on the next one, I'm preparing stuff for it.
FrostRaven32 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
His name is Varen and his family is in charge of a line of daoism temples that are across the city. However, he rather be with his friends and duel instead of praying with monks. He honors his family though by using the bujin deck. They see it as a deck from the war gods
EvolKing96 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks interesting. I could fit that in my story.
FrostRaven32 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Another thing about Varen, even though his family see's his deck as that, he see's it as a way to meet other people and possibly make friends. He also has some wind monsters in there and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms
EvolKing96 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But isn't the majority of the monster's LIGHT? Why would he use Tempest?
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