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There was once a thriving city where the buildings were made of gold and the lights glittered the night like stars. During an unfortunate quake, the city sunk underwater. It became a lost city, no one able to find it, until over time humans forgot about it - they called it a story. They abandoned the idea of there ever being a lost city under the tides.

But all was not lost for the city thrived even under the human eye. Creatures from all around the ocean gathered here as a central meeting ground. Over time they made this place their home, their blessing from the heavens. To honor their home, they named it Evolantiss.


What is a Makoatl?

A Makoatl is a terrestrial shark-dragon hybrid recently discovered off the coast of the Greenland sea.
They have the powerful tail and jaws of a shark, with the body and (occasional) horns of a dragon.
They usually have manes, and are covered in thick coats of fur adapted to keeping out the cold in their native habitat.
They live on a diet of mainly meat and fish, and are known to be vicious hunters!
Despite this attitude toward their prey, however, they
are very protective and mothering to their offspring,
as well as to each other the majority of the time


Makoatls are a closed species owned by Clara-Erassari and BloodScyk

You do not have to have a makoatl to join the group!



None right now :c
Please check in again later!

-The Makoatl Staff

Quick Rules

Quick Rules

These are a simplification of the rules; all rules can be read here


- Any art of Makoatls (Official/approved MYOs)
- Advertising commissions, trading, and selling of Makoatls
- Submissions for Makoatl Competitions/Events

Not Allowed

- Whining, begging, harassment, drama
- Fan made/made up/unofficial makos
- Negative/hateful submissions (vent journals, etc.)
- Revamping adopts without items/approval/etc
- Giving Powers to adopts without them


Makoatl Quick Links

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Redliondog Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021
I was just checking the traits of my mako and realised there are a few that are not labeled correctly/at all. Is it possible to get them updated?
Satamoru Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2021
Hey I have a few different Mako's I'd like to transfer out of the species! Is that still possible? I know this place has been pretty quiet for a while, but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and ask!
Sad-Magic Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this species pretty much done or no longer active?
sylvender Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's a mako im interested in removing from the species, how exactly do i go about getting permission for that?
TanukiiTricks Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2020
Hello! Last year a friend of mine gave me this Makoatl for free and I only recently found out it was part of this closed species! Anyway, I'm interested in selling / trading them, but I'm a lil confused about the rules to do such thing. I was wondering if I could note a staff member on how I should go about doing a journal for them as I'm kind of stuck.
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