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Published: August 9, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 evol1314
a touch from being together
a tear for being apart
although you're not by my side
you're always in my heart

missing you.

i wanted to make a very simple poem to go along with this piece, keeping it basic and direct maintain focus on the core feeling of missing someone. Both was composed to speak universally to all perspectives of all those in love.
Whether you've lost a love one, or is no longer in a relationship with that someone whom you still care about, from business trips to long distance relationship, i hope it will in some small way help you feel better.
.i hope it gives you guys a sense of relation, which makes making it worth while...

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1382x1800px 2.36 MB
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1/200 second
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85 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 15, 2005, 2:33:27 PM
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Comments (9054)
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Hello! I’m seeking permission to use this for album art on my new French Horn/piano cd: solstice. What is your policy? Thx so much!!!
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Tigerwoman36|Student General Artist
I see a lot of these types of artworks, but this is my personal favorite. ❤️
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Someone stole your work and is making a profit on it

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FoxCraft325|Hobbyist General Artist
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SDWH| General Artist
It seems that all four seasons are depicted here!
And I just now noticed the people sitting on either side of the tree.
This actually makes me think of a dream my precious friend once told me about...
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something to go with the view  or other pictures

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The-Chosen-Juan's avatar
Ok this is just great.
I mean I'm no expert but this is the stuff people frame.
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otigreo's avatar
Week artn
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QueenOfThicc's avatar
summer symbolizes shoes 
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QueenOfThicc's avatar
why is the tree on fire, fire means death so that means this pic is abt death. but then there is winter which has the longest nights and night symbolize darkness and fear ao this painting is abt depression and death the end 
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mrsj03's avatar
fire can also mean rebirth, winter can be beautiful with snow and frost and the Xmas season sharing love and time with family and friends, all about perspective!
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BlueGlacier's avatar
The winter looks so gorgeous!  looking forward :la:
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a3skales123|Hobbyist General Artist
This is a beautiful picture. I love the idea of the 4 seasons.
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DevilandAngelKiss's avatar
How much I feel about the seasons. You can't stand them when they're around, yet the moment the next rolls around and the climate shifts, you start longing for what you had not appreciated. Or something...
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Blossoming-Dreams's avatar
Blossoming-Dreams|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my aesthetic...
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NIEHKOL's avatar
NIEHKOL|Hobbyist Photographer
amazing 🔥💧
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GabbyZVolt25's avatar
Something about the composition and colours makes me feel nostalgic.
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orchidkitty|Professional Digital Artist
This is so pretty :meow:
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DarkRBX|Student Artist
The mirror image is amazing.
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secret-gloria|Hobbyist General Artist
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