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[FanArt] Legoshi and Nick [EvokStudios]

By EvokStudios
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upsidedownweirdoNew Deviant

who is legoshi?:iconstarlightconfused2plz:

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Mlpfanalltheway156Hobbyist Writer

I just looked it up and he's from Beastars

stitchlover37373773's avatar

awesome lol

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B1F4ND0MQU33NNew Deviant

omg, this is adorable!!! i love this crossover so much uwu

RushCars24ID's avatar

God, didn't see that coming, but I love it! Well, aren't you look how adorable it is!

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TacIsBadAssNew Deviant

This is amazing!

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h0rnyweebNew Deviant
ElementalDigimon100's avatar

Fantastic artwork

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T a l e n t

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MacentaaNew Deviant

Lol, they're so cute * ^ *

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MrOhPNew Deviant
That's cute
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SpaceCadet7211New Deviant

Aw...! This is so cute! You're very talented!

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goldenpawbsHobbyist Digital Artist


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AedapoppinsNew Deviant

I love this artwork!

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flamewolf1224New Deviant

Lol beast stars and zooTopia

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AgnosticDragonHobbyist Writer

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!

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I'm not nearly as active as i used to be.

But I'm so happy that i got to see this beautiful masterpiece.

I love both these fuzzy guys.

And while Louis is my spirit animal.

Legoshi is just as awesome.

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NeoNimbus526Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Now this is one of the best crossover right there. :D

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DJKirinHobbyist Traditional Artist

I love this

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ElectricDawgyHobbyist Digital Artist

This is incredible! I love the "Little Golden Book" style it has to it.

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bribritenmaHobbyist Digital Artist

Absolutely adorable! Great idea to crossover those twos! Love your style!!! Their expressions are so cute asfghk!!!

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ALASTORdeerboiNew Deviant


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that’s a really great picture.

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BloodhoundPrestonHobbyist Digital Artist

That is very nice.

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