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Latin: Drako Dirus

Race: Drakonid
Species: Drake
Height: 1.7 meters (5.5 feet)
Length: 3 meters (9.8 feet)
Weight: 2 Tonnes
Diet: Carnivore

Drakes are a type of demon that are so different compared to most other demons that scientists have thought to reclassify them and the rest of their relatives under the Drakonid clade.
The Drakonids are a group of creatures which are identified by their Archosaurian appearance and the presence of a unique crystal formation within their eyes.
The crystal structure within their eyes has been called "Dragonite" and so far has not been found within any other species of demon, it has been theorized that these crystals actually aid in the eye sight of Draconids.
Dragonite is so hard to come by due to the dangers of hunting Drakonids that they have been sold for extremely high prices, with only a few grams being sold for Millions.

Drakes are heavily armored on their upper sides, this is so protective that it actually has been said to defect bullets that don't get lodged into the plates, these plates
 end on sharp blade like structures on the sides of their body, which the Drake uses to cut any form of attacker that isn't within biting range.
These bladed plates go all the way down from the neck to the very tip of the tail, with them increasing in length near the end forming spikes which the drake can swing at those behind it like an axe, many men have lost their lives to drake tail swings alone.
These plates overlap as the creature moves making the plates sharpen against each other, so if anything is unlucky enough to get in between these blades, it only takes a quick flex of the body to cute deep into flesh like a pair of scissors.

Drakes are very adaptable creatures, they have been found in areas of extreme heat and extreme cold but from what we have seen they tend to enjoy being in areas with large open spaces, like a grass land or a semi arid desert.
Even though they seem reptilian they don't seem to mind the cold, this has lead scientists to discover that they are mesotherms, much like sharks, with them being able to increase their body temperature when the environment is too cold.
They lack the ability to breath fire although they can create sparks by gnashing their jaws together, this had lead scientists to believe that they are gradually losing the ability to breath fire, with the spark generation being a remnant from their fire breathing ancestors.

What they lack in fire power they make up for with tremendous bite force, they use these powerful jaws to cripple prey before delivering the final bite, their prey tends to be large animals like horses, camals and deers, but the have also been seen feasting on harder prey like tortoises and crocodiles.
They have also been seen to fight Demons from time to time, it appears that when a drake enters an ecosystem it asserts itself as the apex of that ecosystem until it either leaves or is threatened by a more powerful creature.
They manage to catch prey through ambushes mostly but they can chase after prey for short distances
Drakes tend to be solitary hunters but there have been sightings of drakes living in pairs, these individuals might be breeding couples, looking for a nesting ground.

Had a lot of fun with this one, the main inspirations were Nodosaurian Dinosaurs like edmontonia and borealopelta, crocodilomorphs like Kaprosuchus were the MAIN inspiration though with some traits based off large carnivores like lions & tigers.
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Dragons are mythical creatures that i have loved ever since i was a child, they were basically just dinosaurs but with more stuff going on and as i grew up i learned so much neat bits of info about them, my favorite thing being the many different types of dragon like creatures in mythology which vary in appearance but are all seen as dragons, so i thought i would draw some creatures that fit into the dragon family without including things like cockatrice or other reptilian monsters that have dragon like features but don't count.
I hope you you all enjoy this as much as i do, i am really proud with how it came out. :aww:
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I always called them wingless dragon
Evodolka's avatar

and i always called them Male Ducks, but yeah, apparently Drake is the word :D

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Drakes are basically based on the Dragon from the 7th voyage of Sinbad if you rememer that as a kid, a dragon but no wings and I do like this as a Crocodile with the stance of a Panther and badass horns. This alongside the Wyverns are my favourites and I imagined them as pets to the Dragons.

Evodolka's avatar

never saw that, only Sinbad i know is the one from Magi

magi gif sinbad

thanks, the archosaurian Panther vibe was exactly what i was after, glad you like it :aww:

my version of Dragons wouldn't have pets, i haven't drew them yet but i want to lean heavy in the "symbol of the devil" vibe, like they are beings of destruction in a way. when i get round to posting one, i will be certain to explain why :D

kevinobill's avatar

That's awesome and creepy at the same time. The Dragons in my idea are basically giant Theropods with wings at the back but the majority of them are females to do all the stuffs in one Island filled with Dinosaurs and other giant beasts resemble those in our worlds but there are few male Dragons there and they look like regular Theropods with horns. Hell, they're even taller than Godzilla but it's in a different universe.

Evodolka's avatar

thanks, i really want my Dragons to be interesting and stand out, especially with how they exist

"bigger than Godzilla" can mean many things, you mean like 51m tall? 301m tall?

Godzilla changes size so much he is effectively a Mario character at this point

kevinobill's avatar

I have my own Godzilla in a different universe and he's about 80 meters so the Dragons will be around 85 meters and Goji just stands right below their necks. Think of a 6 foot man standing next to a 7 foot woman.

Evodolka's avatar

alright then, least he isn't the size of a god dam planet :D

"Think of a 6 foot man standing next to a 7 foot woman"

man, the internet LOVES tall ladies :XD:

kevinobill's avatar

Yeah and turning Godzilla into the size of either a mountain or the cosmos is a bad idea because Godzilla isn't that oversized in the live action movies, I picked 80 meters or 265 feet as a good height because I want him to be tough and fast.

Evodolka's avatar

the main issue i have with it is that he can't interact with anything, look at the new Godzilla VS Kong film, both of them are so gigantic that they can't play with ideas like using the city itself as a maze or using verticality in the fight, it will just be "they show up and then they fight"

Miss-Tbones's avatar
Awesome piece!:clap::wow:
Evodolka's avatar
thank you :D
i was really happy with how this turned out, the goal was "a nomadic usurper apex" with it wondering into an ecosystem and being the most dominant thing there
Miss-Tbones's avatar
You are soo very:iconwelcomeplztoo:Heart bum 
redrex96's avatar
I Am a Big Dagon Fan and This Work is Really Good.
Evodolka's avatar
i can see why, i think many people are :D
thank you
redrex96's avatar
Many People Including You And I True Dragon Fans and One Day I Going To Draw My Own Dragons One Day.
Evodolka's avatar
go for it, if you want to draw a dragon then go an draw a dragon
redrex96's avatar
I Will...But on a Nother Time I Need To Somethings First.
Evodolka's avatar
when ever you want to, its much more fun to do a picture because you WANT to do one, not because you SHOULD
redrex96's avatar
I Know Right.
UrataScribbles's avatar
I absolutely love the way you draw dragons.. the armor plates look absolutely amazing!! ^_^
Evodolka's avatar
thank you so much :aww:
i was super proud with how this came out

i'm actually having issue designing an actual dragon
the other draconid monsters though, i have thought of nice designs for :D
issue i have is that i can't seem to make it look giant without cutting off 60% of the body, i need to practice a bit (or get bigger paper)
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