If you could ask any independant mutant a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments!
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For Warren: Hey, have you met Ted - I mean Betsy? *shoves Psylocke at him*
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Forge: How did your parents react when you came home after 20 years?
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Warren, what do you do with your feathers when you molt...?
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Forge, what age do you identify as? You were stuck in the Middleverse for decades, but you still act like a teenager - did your physical and mental/emotional aging freeze?

I want to ask him about his thoughts on Storm, is that bad of me
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Danielle: Your powers are so cool! Why you no join a team?
Irene: Backstory! Backstory!!
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(Agatha's a mutant? I thought she was just a plain old witch)
Forge: Could you build a TARDIS?
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how cool is it to be a tech genius?
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to David/Lucas : how did such a bad-ass come from the loins of prof.X (PS if I've got the wrong mutant i'm so sorry
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Nope, you nailed it! ^_~
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To Agatha, is it really best to train Wanda for her actions?

To Mesmero, if Jean did so well on her first task why brainwash the other three to do your dirty work even I also hated you for brainwash Jean in the first place?
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To Irene: What are next week's winning California lottery numbers?
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I'd ask Warren how he sleeps with those huge wings on his back. Does he ever wake up with wing cramps?
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I'd ask Legion how he apparently changes form when his personas change, if it's a physical change or just an illusion that he creates to differentiate between the personalities.
Also what his next move was going to be, because I was extremely disappointed that that loose end was never tied up.
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