If you could ask any X-man a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments! (other teams to come soon, don't worry ^_~)
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Professor X

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I'd ask Kitty:"Would you go out with me?"
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ok so this is like for...well everyone in said show (brotherhood, acolytes, and x men) my question is :
If you had to pick someone to go on a date with/be a couple with, who would it be? Everyone has to pick someone and NO you cant pick your self, but enemy mutants are an ok answer to what ever team your on.
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I would ask Logan whether he's ever accidentally forgotten to resheath his claws and Scott whether he showers with his glasses on or off.
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Nightcrawler,what is it like teleporting? Because it sounds like such an awesome ability! XD
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Jean, are you aware of the Phoenix?
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Kurt, why you so adorable? <3
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kitty what do you think of colossus? When your older do you think you'd go out with him?
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This is a question for both Logan and Sabertooth: How come Deadpool never showed up in the series? He was apart of weapon X too.
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Rogue y haven't u kisses remy yet even with ur power he don't care come on please kiss him once 4 mee please*begging cuz I'm like THE biggest romy fan*?!?!!??!??!!??!!
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Logan, knowing your healing factor, what's your recipe for Irish coffee?
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Kurt would you date me? I'm lonely. Even though I have a bf I can't see.
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My ? Is to all of them:who do you like
But I've got a nother 1 for rogue:rogue do you like remy
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I wanna ask Ororo if she was paid to take logan out on a date would she do it? XD
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Dear Kitty,

What do you have to say to all of the Kurtty Fans out there?
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Kitty: Are you ever going to address your complicated feelings toward danni moonstar?
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I'll give it a shot and try asking Scott since he's being ignored a little here.

Scott: How do you have the energy to do Danger Room sims (better yet, the energy to WANT to do Danger Room sims) so early in the morning? It must be vexing.
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asking another, if that's okay! :D

Jean, Kitty and Rogue - do you guys have role models? :)
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Ororo, as the only adult female in the mansion, don't you ever get lonely? Do you go out dating?
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To Rogue: Just how bad are the voices in your head? I actually think they would help out in some occasions like tests and stuff :D
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I have a question for Kitty. How do you stop Scott from stopping you from dating Lance?
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To Rogue: Are you a fan of Rammstein? Also, are you open to relationships regardless of your powers, or are you scared about it?

Wolverine: How has your relationship developed with X-23? Are you a father figure to her or do you both lead seperate lives?
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Xavier/Jean: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever accidentally overheard?

Scott: If it doesn't work out with Jean-- If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one thing, what tactical strategy would come up with to get off the island and rescued only having that one item?
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XD You are challenging me, aren't you? Fantastic!
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