If you could ask any New Recruit a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments!
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Id like to ask Jamie if all his clones are sentient
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Jubes, would you ever cut your hair? What do you think about a pixie cut?

Amara, would you ever dye your hair? Can you see yourself going blonde?

Rahne, I love your hairstyle, you're seriously the most adorable ever ;_; Do you and Kurt (and Mr. McCoy) ever trade hair care tips?

All the girls: Objectively, who has the best hair in the mansion? Inquiring minds want to know!

All the New Recruits:
Are you as swift as a coursing river?
Do you have all the force of a great typhoon?
Do you have the strength of a raging fire?
Are you mysterious as the dark side of the moon?
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To all: Quick! Ice cream truck coming! What's your pick?

Rahne: Considering there are several foods bad/deadly to dogs, do you have the same problem to look out for? If so, this in both forms, or only your furry one?

Hank: Any hidden stashes of brand name mocked cream-filled yellow sponge cake hidden away in your desks?
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Aww, I was all ready to write out my question to Rahne, but you beat me to it! :(
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Got to be fast around here ;) at least it will get answered :meow:
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I would ask ALL of them more about themselves!

Bobby: CAN you shower? You must...but are your showers just cold water?
Roberto: the opposite: are your showers steaming hot?
Jamie: backstory! Evo!cannon backstory!
Jubilee: same!
Rahne: Same!
Sam: Same!
Rahne: Have you ever gotten fleas?
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Roberto, is it possible for you to absorb power from other sources of light(like from a UV light/lamp), or must it be from direct sunlight?:)
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Dear Bobby, do you ejaculate ice?
Dear Ray, this isn't a question, it's more like a life tip. DO NOT GET A MOHAWK!!!
Dear Jamie, why are you so adorable?
Dear Tabby, are you sure you and Amara are just friends?
Dear Jubilee, are you upset that X-men evo butchered your character to the core?
Dear Roberto, how do you feel about only having ONE speaking episode throughout the entire show?
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Ray: Where are you from? Why do you know the morlocks? What's your story? Do you like music? Art? Can you drive? Do you hate showers? Do you take gym? Who's your best friend at the mansion? Do you and Spyke get along? I MUST KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.

Tabitha: So what's the story with you and your Dad? Why are you so scared of him?

Jamie: You are adorable and one of my favs. Not a question, just a fact.
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To Boom Boom: WHY DID YOU BLOW UP THE TOILET THAT TOAD WAS USING? And why did you blow up the shower too?
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To Bobby...when you catch a cold, are you even able to breath at all? Or does the snot just sort of freeze up in your skull?
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I would ask Rahne if she also eats wolf or dog food.
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are you ever asked to help charge the electronics during a blackout?
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Berserker: How do you know the Morlocks?
(I'm /pretty/ sure that was him, anyway. Been a while since I've seen it.)

And Rahne: Do you shed?
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(Apologies for the dirtyness in advance) To Jamie: when you masterbate, since your clones appear through forceful contact, do you jsut make tons of clones?
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