If you could ask any Brotherhood member a question, who would you ask? Put your question in the comments!
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( XD; probably the last thing you need is yet ANOTHER thing to draw , but , It took me awhile to come up with anything unique ...This one's almost too easy to make dirty too , so there's gotta be a tonda joke in there or worse . Good luck , if you pick it ... )

/To Todd/

* gently raises hand *

"Um , forgive me for prying , but I'm curious..."

" ...do your tastebuds end at a particular point , or are you forced to taste everything you snare ?"
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Wanda, we know you don't like Toad. What is your idea of the perfect guy?
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Pietro! Why are you such an Asshat?
And Wanda, good on you for terrifying him, as every sister should
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Lance and Pietro
Have you heard about the whole Lietro thing, do you even like like each other? are you gay Pietro? ( oh, plz we all wonder that) Well are you? ( i always imagine him saying, i had like 20 girlfriends you know! my reply would be, you do realize that gay boys usually say they had lotz of girlfriends and they turned out gay?) and last question: wanda, toad, blob, how do you feel about lietro and think pie is gay? that'll make an intersting ask evo, lol, wow...this is a huge comment, lol srry :)
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to wanda

who do you like!?
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Pietro,what is the fastest you have ever been?
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What did Magneto do to Kurt when he was a baby?

(Sorry, I was watching that episode this morning lol)
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Lance: Enlighten me. Why do you like Kitty? I mean, she's ok but I don't see what's so special about her and she kind of treats you like s#!t. I just don't see any good grounds for your relationship.
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avalanche how is your relationship with kitty?
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Mystique: Who do you find more attractive, Wolverine or Sabertooth
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A question for Todd!
Why do you dislike soap? Are you scared, or is there a past event that makes you hate it?
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Question for Mystique,

Who is Kurt's father?
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I've also got a ?for Wanda it's:do you like John/pyro
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I have a ? For lance and pietro it's:do you to approve of lietro and if so do you to like eatchouther
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I wanna ask wanda, if she has a family would she still be stalked by toad? XD
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I'd ask Mystique if she realizes that since the B-hood boys live in her house and work for her that she should take care of them. Or at least feed them.
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Pietro, how old were you when you first met Evan? What did he (or you, I guess) do to spark that rivalry between you guys?

What do you think about him staying with the Morlocks?
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Question to Lance - are you the leader of the Brotherhood boys?
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Why? He's sooooo hot! ^^
Q: Why you so awesome?! XD
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I have a question for All of them XD

Lance: Have you ever had a moment to look back on things... and if you did, could you say you had fun?

Freddy: Do you and Todd hang out when there's nothing to do?

Pietro: Do you ever hang with everyone just for the sake of hanging out?

Wanda: Is living with the brotherhood a daily headache, or are they tolerable sometimes?

Todd: Is there something you're really good at, like some sort of hobby?
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Question for Mystique.
"Are you immortal, or just really good at escaping death? If it's the first one, are you older than Logan?"
"You told Kurt he was your son, and Rogue knows she is your adopted daughter. But, you show Rogue more love than you do your son, why is that?"
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To all: Oh no! Valentines day is approaching! What are you getting your current crush?

Lance: How much did your beloved jeep set you back? And continues to set you back with the (no doubt) constant repair she needs?
Freddy: Why a mohawk?
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wanda what is or what do u think is the longest distances you've hexed todd
(i killed myself cameing up with this ((yeah i'm sad)) :D
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